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2. pers sing pres  
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it's you
you're a fine one!
I see what you're after ; I know your game
I've/we've seen through you ; I/we know what you're up to ; I/we know what your little game is
it's your move {or} turn
that's your own fault ; that's nobody's fault but your own
you must be crazy ; you must be crazy {or} mad!
"du bist sehr schon": ejemplos y traducciones en contexto
Sei nicht traurig, du bist sehr schön. Well, sad or not... you're beautiful.
Du bist sehr schön, aber nicht sehr intelligent. You are very handsome, but not very bright, my dear Ludwig.
Du bist sehr schön, ich werde dich malen! You know, you're... very beautiful.
Du bist sehr schön, du tanzt sehr gut du spielst großartig Volleyball, du hasst zu spät kommen und ich liebe dich. You're very beautiful, you dance very well... you're superb at playing volleyball, you hate latecomers... and I love you.
Eigentlich bist du sehr schön, und sehr gut im Kung-Fu. Actually, you're a beautiful girl good at kung fu.
Du bist schon sehr lange hier oben. You've been up here for a really long time now.
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