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      sf   Christmas Eve  
Traditional Christmas celebrations in Spanish-speaking countries mainly take place on the night of Nochebuena, Christmas Eve. These include a large Christmas meal, going to Midnight Mass, Misa del Gallo, and, in Spain, watching the seasonal message from the King on TV. Presents are traditionally given at the Epiphany by los Reyes Magos, the Three Kings, but due to ever increasing Anglo-Saxon influence some people also give presents on Christmas Day.  
    Reyes, Día de  
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"Nochebuena": ejemplos y traducciones en contexto
Los casados no trabajan en Nochebuena. The married men have Christmas Eve off.
Y podemos pasar Nochebuena juntos con nuestras familias. Then tonight we can spend Christmas Eve together with our families.
Erase Nochebuena y en toda la casa... 'Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house...
Son las 9:32 de la Nochebuena. It is 9:32 on the night before Christmas.
Esta noche festejaremos la Nochebuena juntos. Tonight, we'll celebrate Christmas eve together.
Bueno, una verdadera Nochebuena Waldorf. Well, a real waldorf Christmas eve.
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