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Semana Santa n.
Holy Week

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1) neutral persons who draw the numbers in a lottery (f), 2) neutral person who draws the numbers in a lottery (f)
Holy See
1) neutral persons who draw the numbers in a lottery (f), 2) neutral person who draws the numbers in a lottery (f)
Holy Alliance
Holy Communion
rural police
the Holy Bible
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Semana Santa
en Semana Santa
la Semana Santa
la Semana Santa cae tarde este año
la Semana Santa cae pronto este año
las vacaciones de Semana Santa


1    (=siete días)   week  
entre semana      during the week, in the week  
podemos vernos un día entre semana      we could see each other one day during the week  
vuelo de entre semana      midweek flight  
días entre semana      weekdays  
  semana inglesa   five-day working week, five-day workweek   (EEUU)     
  semana laboral   working week, workweek   (EEUU)     
   Semana Santa          Holy Week
2    (=salario)   week's wages    pl     
In Spain celebrations for Semana Santa    (Holy Week) are often spectacular. Viernes Santo, Sábado Santo and Domingo de Resurrección (Good Friday, Holy Saturday, Easter Sunday) are all national public holidays, with additional days being given as local holidays. There are long processions through the streets with pasos - religious floats and sculptures. Religious statues are carried along on the shoulders of the cofrades, members of the cofradías or lay brotherhoods that organize the processions. These are accompanied by penitentes and nazarenos generally wearing long hooded robes. Seville, Málaga and Valladolid are particularly well known for their spectacular Holy Week processions.      
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"Semana Santa": ejemplos y traducciones en contexto
Pero Navidad, Semana Santa y Pentecostés están más concurridos. But Christmas, Easter, and Pentecost... if the weather's not too nice... then it's busy.
FECHA: Anualmente en las semanas anteriores a la Semana Santa. DATE: Annually in the weeks previous to the Easter.
La Semana Santa esta llegando a su culminación en Roma. A Holy Week culminates in Rome.
Nosotros estábamos allá justo en la Semana Santa. We were there during Holy Week.
Ocasionalmente en verano, Navidades y Semana Santa, se celebran actuaciones de... Occasionally in summer, Christmas time, and Semana Santa, live classical or jazz...
San Javier Está el Cerro Monje, lugar religioso donde se hace la peregrinación en Semana Santa. San Javier The hill Cerro Monje, a religious place where the pilgrims go in Semana Santa (the holy week), is situated here.
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