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1    (=establecimiento)   academy,   (Escol)   (private) school  
la Real Academia      the Spanish Academy  
la Real Academia de la Historia      the Spanish Academy of History  
   academia de baile          dance school  
  academia de comercio   business school  
  academia de idiomas   language school  
  academia de música   school of music, conservatoire  
  academia militar   military academy
2    (=sociedad)   learned society  
In Spain academias are private schools catering for students of all ages and levels outside normal school and working hours. Some specialize in particular skills such as computing, languages and dressmaking while others offer extra tuition in core school subjects and syllabuses. For people hoping to do well enough in the oposiciones to get a post in the public sector, there are academias offering special preparatory courses for these notoriously difficult competitive examinations.  
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the Spanish Academy of History
dance partner
group of ballet dancers
the Spanish Academy
work which won an Academy prize
regional dance
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"academia de baile": ejemplos y traducciones en contexto
Actualmente, gano 100$ a la semana dando clases en la academia de baile Leko. As of now, however, I'm earning only 100 dollars per week... teaching at the Leko Dance Academy...
Y pronto el lugar se volvió una academia de baile famosa. And soon the place became the famous dance academy.
Gus Lacey dijo que llevabas una academia de baile. Gus Lacey said you ran a dance studio.
Sí que llevo una academia de baile. I do run a dance studio.
Bienvenidos a la academia de baile de Lila Duvane. Welcome to the Lila Duvane Academy of Dance.
- A la academia de Baile de Turveydrop Cross Street, cochero. The Turveydrop Academy of Dance and Deportment, Cross Street, driver.
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