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  ( antis    plural  )
1       n-count   You can refer to people who are opposed to a particular activity or idea as antis.  
INFORMAL   usu pl, oft the N  
Despite what the antis would tell you, hunting is for people from all walks of life.     
2       adj   If someone is opposed to something you can say that they are anti it.  
INFORMAL, SPOKEN   v-link ADJ   (=against)     (Antonym: for)    That's why you're so anti other people smoking.     

1       prefix   Anti- is used to form adjectives and nouns that describe someone or something that is opposed to a particular system, practice, or group of people.  
...anti-government demonstrations., ...anti-racist campaigners., ...anti-Fascists.     
2       prefix   Anti- is used to form adjectives and nouns that describe things that are intended to destroy something harmful or to prevent something from happening.  
...anti-aircraft guns., ...anti-discrimination legislation., ...anti-inflammatory drugs.     
anti-abortionist        ( anti-abortionists    plural  ) An anti-abortionist is someone who wants to limit or prevent the legal availability of abortions.      n-count  
anti-depressant        ( anti-depressants    plural  ) , antidepressant   An anti-depressant is a drug which is used to treat people who are suffering from depression.      n-count  
anti-hero        ( anti-heroes    plural  ) , antihero   An anti-hero is the main character in a novel, play, or film who is not morally good and does not behave like a typical hero.      n-count  
  (Antonym: hero)   
anti-Semite     ( anti-Semites    plural  ) An anti-Semite is someone who strongly dislikes and is prejudiced against Jewish people.      n-count  
anti-Semitic      , antisemitic  
Someone or something that is anti-Semitic is hostile to or prejudiced against Jewish people.      adj  
Anti-Semitism is hostility to and prejudice against Jewish people.      n-uncount  
anti-social   , antisocial  
1       adj   Someone who is anti-social is unwilling to meet and be friendly with other people.  
...teenagers who will become aggressive and anti-social.     
2       adj   Anti-social behaviour is annoying or upsetting to other people.  
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