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  ( apples    plural  )
1       n-var   An apple is a round fruit with smooth green, yellow, or red skin and firm white flesh.  
I want an apple., ...his ongoing search for the finest varieties of apple., ...a large garden with apple trees in it.     
    Adam's apple  
    Big Apple  
    crab apple  
2    If you say that someone is the apple of your eye, you mean that they are very important to you and you are extremely fond of them.  
be the apple of sb's eye      phrase   usu v-link PHR  
Penny's only son was the apple of her eye.     

Adam's apple     ( Adam's apples    plural  ) Your Adam's apple is the lump that sticks out of the front of your neck below your throat.      n-count  
apple pie        ( apple pies    plural  )
1       n-count   An apple pie is a kind of pie made with apples.  
2    If a room or a desk is in apple pie order, it is neat and tidy, and everything is where it should be.  
be in apple-pie order      phrase   v-link PHR  
They found everything in apple-pie order.     
3    If you say that something is as American as apple pie, you mean that it is typically American.  
be as American as apple pie      phrase   v-link PHR  
Jeans are as American as apple pie.     
apple sauce      , applesauce  
Apple sauce is a type of sauce made from puréed cooked apples.      n-uncount  
Big Apple     
People sometimes refer to the city of New York as the Big Apple.  
INFORMAL      n-proper   the N  
The main attractions of the Big Apple are well documented.     
crab apple        ( crab apples    plural  ) A crab apple is a tree like an apple tree that produces small sour fruit.      n-count  
eating apple        ( eating apples    plural  ) An eating apple is an ordinary apple that is usually eaten raw rather than cooked.      n-count  
  (Antonym: cooking apple)   
rotten apple        ( rotten apples    plural  ) You can use rotten apple to talk about a person who is dishonest and therefore causes a lot of problems for the group or organization they belong to.      n-count  
Police corruption is not just a few rotten apples.     
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rotten apple OR bad apple n.
Arotten apple is a member of a group, or a single element in a set of things, that is bad and likely to corrupt the other people or things in the group
Allusion to the expression "One bad apple spoils the barrel"

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