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  ( balloons    plural & 3rd person present)   ( ballooning    present participle)   ( ballooned    past tense & past participle  )
1       n-count   A balloon is a small, thin, rubber bag that you blow air into so that it becomes larger and rounder or longer. Balloons are used as toys or decorations.  
2       n-count   A balloon is a large, strong bag filled with gas or hot air, which can carry passengers in a container that hangs underneath it.  
also by N  
They are to attempt to be the first to circle the Earth non-stop by balloon.     
3       verb   When something balloons, it increases rapidly in amount.   (=soar, rocket)  
In London, the use of the Tube has ballooned...      V  
The budget deficit has ballooned to $25 billion...      V to n  

barrage balloon        ( barrage balloons    plural  ) Barrage balloons are large balloons which are fixed to the ground by strong steel cables. They are used in wartime, when the cables are intended to destroy low-flying enemy aircraft.      n-count  
hot-air balloon        ( hot-air balloons    plural  ) A hot-air balloon is a large balloon with a basket underneath in which people can travel. The balloon is filled with hot air in order to make it float in the air.      n-count  
trial balloon        ( trial balloons    plural  ) A trial balloon is a proposal that you mention or an action that you try in order to find out other people's reactions to it, especially if you think they are likely to oppose it.  
  (mainly AM)      n-count  
They floated the trial balloon of actually cutting Social Security.     
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      vb   belly, billow, bloat, blow up, dilate, distend, enlarge, expand, grow rapidly, inflate, puff out, swell  

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