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  ( bores    plural & 3rd person present)   ( boring    present participle)   ( bored    past tense & past participle  )
1       verb   If someone or something bores you, you find them dull and uninteresting.  
Dickie bored him all through the meal with stories of the Navy...      V n with n  
Life in the country bores me.      V n  
2    If someone or something bores you to tears, bores you to death, or bores you stiff, they bore you very much indeed.  
bore to tears/bore to death/bore stiff      phrase   V inflects     (emphasis)    ...a handsome engineer who bored me to tears with his tales of motorway maintenance...     
3       n-count   You describe someone as a bore when you think that they talk in a very uninteresting way.  
There is every reason why I shouldn't enjoy his company<endash>he's a bore and a fool.     
4       n-sing   You can describe a situation as a bore when you find it annoying.  
a N   (=drag)  
It's a bore to be sick, and the novelty of lying in bed all day wears off quickly.     
5       verb   If you bore a hole in something, you make a deep round hole in it using a special tool.  
Get the special drill bit to bore the correct-size hole for the job.      V n  
6    Bore is the past tense of bear.  

-bore combines with numbers to form adjectives which indicate the size of the barrel of a gun.      comb in adj   ADJ n  
He had a 12-bore shotgun.     
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      vb   burrow, drill, gouge out, mine, penetrate, perforate, pierce, sink, tunnel  
      n   borehole, calibre, drill hole, hole, shaft, tunnel  

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bore          [2]  
      vb   annoy, be tedious, bother, exhaust, fatigue, jade, pall on, pester, send to sleep, tire, trouble, vex, wear out, weary, worry  
      n   anorak     (informal)   bother, drag     (informal)   dullard, dull person, headache     (informal)   nuisance, pain     (informal)   pain in the arse     (taboo informal)   pain in the neck     (informal)   pest, tiresome person, wearisome talker, yawn     (informal)  
,       vb   amuse, divert, engross, excite, fascinate, hold the attention of, interest, stimulate  

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