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  ( buckets    plural  ) A bucket is a round metal or plastic container with a handle attached to its sides. Buckets are often used for holding and carrying water.      n-count  
We drew water in a bucket from the well outside the door...     
      A bucketof water is the amount of water contained in a bucket., n-count   usu N of n  
She threw a bucket of water over them.     

bucket seat        ( bucket seats    plural  ) A bucket seat is a seat for one person in a car or aeroplane which has rounded sides that partly enclose and support the body.      n-count  
ice bucket        ( ice buckets    plural  ) An ice bucket is a container which holds ice cubes or cold water and ice. You can use it to provide ice cubes to put in drinks, or to put bottles of wine in and keep the wine cool.      n-count  
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