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  ( departs    3rd person present)   ( departing    present participle)   ( departed    past tense & past participle  )
1       verb   When something or someone departsfrom a place, they leave it and start a journey to another place.  
Our tour departs from Heathrow Airport on 31 March and returns 16 April...      V from n  
In the morning Mr McDonald departed for Sydney...      V for n  
The coach departs Potsdam in the morning.      V n  
2       verb   If you departfrom a traditional, accepted, or agreed way of doing something, you do it in a different or unexpected way.   (=deviate)  
Why is it in this country that we have departed from good educational sense?...      V from n  
3       verb   If someone departs from a job, they resign from it or leave it. In American English, you can say that someone departs a job.  
Lipton is planning to depart from the company he founded.      V from n  
...a number of staff departed during his reign as rector of the Royal College of Art...      V  
He departed baseball in the '60s.      V n  
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1    absent (oneself), decamp, disappear, escape, exit, go, go away, hook it     (slang)   leave, make tracks, migrate, pack one's bags     (informal)   quit, remove, retire, retreat, set forth, slope off, start out, take (one's) leave, vanish, withdraw  
2    deviate, differ, digress, diverge, stray, swerve, turn aside, vary, veer  
1    arrive, remain, show up     (informal)   stay, turn up  

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