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  ( drones    plural & 3rd person present)   ( droning    present participle)   ( droned    past tense & past participle  )
1       verb   If something drones, it makes a low, continuous, dull noise.  
Above him an invisible plane droned through the night sky.      V  
...a virtually non-stop droning noise in the background.      V-ing  
      Drone is also a noun., n-sing   usu N of n  
...the constant drone of the motorways.     
  droning      n-sing   usu N of n  
...the droning of a plane far overhead.     
2       verb   If you say that someone drones, you mean that they keep talking about something in a boring way.,   (disapproval)    Chambers' voice droned, maddening as an insect around his head...      V  
      Drone is also a noun., n-sing  
The minister's voice was a relentless drone.     
      Drone on means the same as drone., phrasal verb  
Aunt Maimie's voice droned on...      V P  
Daniel just drones on about American policy.      V P about n   drone on  
    drone 2  
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      n   couch potato     (slang)   idler, leech, loafer, lounger, parasite, scrounger     (informal)   skiver     (Brit. slang)   sluggard, sponger     (informal)  

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drone          [2]  
1    buzz, hum, purr, thrum, vibrate, whirr  
2      (often with)       on   be boring, chant, drawl, intone, prose about, speak monotonously, spout, talk interminably  
3    buzz, hum, murmuring, purr, thrum, vibration, whirr, whirring  

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