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  ( drier    comparative)   ( dryer    comparative)   ( driest    superlative)   ( dries    3rd person present)   ( drying    present participle)   ( dried    past tense & past participle  )
1       adj   If something is dry, there is no water or moisture on it or in it.,   (Antonym: wet, damp)    Clean the metal with a soft dry cloth..., Pat it dry with a soft towel..., Once the paint is dry, apply a coat of the red ochre emulsion paint...     
  dryness      n-uncount  
...the parched dryness of the air.     
2       verb   When something dries or when you dry it, it becomes dry.  
Leave your hair to dry naturally whenever possible...      V  
Wash and dry the lettuce...      V n  
3       verb   When you dry the dishes after a meal, you wipe the water off the plates, cups, knives, pans, and other things when they have been washed, using a cloth.   (=wipe)  
Mrs. Madrigal began drying dishes.      V n  
      Dry up means the same as dry.     (BRIT)      phrasal verb  
He got up and stood beside Julie, drying up the dishes while she washed.      V P n (not pron)  
4       adj   If you say that your skin or hair is dry, you mean that it is less oily than, or not as soft as, normal.,   (Antonym: greasy)    Nothing looks worse than dry, cracked lips...     
  dryness      n-uncount  
Dryness of the skin can also be caused by living in centrally heated homes and offices.     
5       adj   If the weather or a period of time is dry, there is no rain or there is much less rain than average.,   (Antonym: wet)    Exceptionally dry weather over the past year had cut agricultural production...     
6       adj   A dry place or climate is one that gets very little rainfall.  
usu ADJ n   (=arid)     (Antonym: wet)    ...a hot, dry climate where the sun is shining all the time.     
  dryness      n-uncount  
He was advised to spend time in the warmth and dryness of Italy.     
7       n-sing   In the dry means in a place or at a time that is not damp, wet, or rainy.  
  (mainly BRIT)   the N, usu in N     (Antonym: wet)    Such cars, however, do grip the road well, even in the dry.     
8       adj   If a river, lake, or well is dry, it is empty of water, usually because of hot weather and lack of rain.  
9       adj   If an oil well is dry, it is no longer producing any oil.  
usu v-link ADJ  
10       adj   If your mouth or throat is dry, it has little or no saliva in it, and so feels very unpleasant, perhaps because you are tense or ill.  
usu v-link ADJ  
His mouth was dry, he needed a drink...     
  dryness      n-uncount   usu with supp  
Symptoms included frequent dryness in the mouth.     
11       adj   If someone has dry eyes, there are no tears in their eyes; often used with negatives or in contexts where you are expressing surprise that they are not crying.,   (Antonym: moist)    There were few dry eyes in the house when I finished...     
12       adj   If a country, state, or city is dry, it has laws or rules which forbid anyone to drink, sell, or buy alcoholic drink.  

Gujurat has been a totally dry state for the past thirty years.     
13       adj   If you say that someone is sucking something dry or milking it dry, you are criticizing them for taking all the good things from it until there is nothing left.  
v n ADJ     (disapproval)    He's just milking the company dry.     
14       adj   Dry humour is very amusing, but in a subtle and clever way.  
usu ADJ n     (approval)    Fulton has retained his dry humour...     
  drily      adv   ADV with v, ADV adj  
`That is surprising.'—`Hardly,' I said drily.     
  dryness      n-uncount  
Her writing has a wry dryness.     
15       adj   If you describe something such as a book, play, or activity as dry, you mean that it is dull and uninteresting.,   (disapproval)    ...dry, academic phrases.     
16       adj   Dry bread or toast is plain and not covered with butter or jam.  
ADJ n  
For breakfast, they had dry bread and tea.     
17       adj   Dry sherry or wine does not have a sweet taste.,   (Antonym: sweet)    ...a glass of chilled, dry white wine.     
    high and dry  
    home and dry  
    home   dry off      phrasal verb   If something dries off or if you dry it off, the moisture on its surface disappears or is removed.  
They are then scrubbed with clean water and left to dry off for an hour or two in a warm room...      V P  
When the bath water started to cool I got out, dried myself off, and dressed.      V n P, Also V P n (not pron)   dry out  
1       phrasal verb   If something dries out or is dried out, it loses all the moisture that was in it and becomes hard.  
If the soil is allowed to dry out the tree could die...      V P  
The cold winds dry out your skin very quickly.      V P n (not pron), Also V n P  
2       phrasal verb   If someone dries out or is dried out, they are cured of addiction to alcohol.  
INFORMAL   He checked into Cedars Sinai Hospital to dry out...      V P, Also be V-ed P   dry up  
1       phrasal verb   If something dries up or if something dries it up, it loses all its moisture and becomes completely dry and shrivelled or hard.  
As the day goes on, the pollen dries up and becomes hard...      V P  
Warm breezes from the South dried up the streets.      V P n (not pron), Also V n P  
  dried-up      adj   (=desiccated)  
...a tuft or two of dried-up grass.     
2       phrasal verb   If a river, lake, or well dries up, it becomes empty of water, usually because of hot weather and a lack of rain.  
Reservoirs are drying up and farmers have begun to leave their land...      V P  
  dried-up      adj   (=dry)  
...a dried-up river bed.     
3       phrasal verb   If a supply of something dries up, it stops.  
Investment could dry up and that could cause the economy to falter...      V P  
4       phrasal verb   If you dry up when you are speaking, you stop in the middle of what you were saying, because you cannot think what to say next.  
If you ask her what she's good at she will dry up after two minutes.      V P  
    dry 3  
    drying up  

blow-dry        ( blow-dries    3rd person present)   ( blow-drying    present participle)   ( blow-dried    past tense & past participle  ) If you blow-dry your hair, you dry it with a hairdryer, often to give it a particular style.      verb  
I find it hard to blow-dry my hair...      V n  
He has blow-dried blonde hair.      V-ed  
      Blow-dry is also a noun., n-sing  
The price of a cut and blow-dry varies widely.     
bone dry      , bone-dry  
If you say that something is bone dry, you are emphasizing that it is very dry indeed.      adj  
Now the river bed is bone dry.     
Drip-dry clothes or sheets are made of a fabric that dries free of creases when it is hung up wet.      adj  
...drip-dry shirts.     
dry-clean        ( dry-cleans    3rd person present)   ( dry-cleaning    present participle)   ( dry-cleaned    past tense & past participle  ) When things such as clothes are dry-cleaned, they are cleaned with a liquid chemical rather than with water.      verb   usu passive  
Natural-filled duvets must be dry-cleaned by a professional.      be V-ed  
dry cleaner        ( dry cleaners    plural  ) A dry cleaner or a dry cleaner's is a shop where things can be dry-cleaned.      n-count  
dry-cleaning   , dry cleaning  
1       n-uncount   Dry-cleaning is the action or work of dry-cleaning things such as clothes.  
He owns a dry-cleaning business.     
2       n-uncount   Dry-cleaning is things that have been dry-cleaned, or that are going to be dry-cleaned.  
dry dock        ( dry docks    plural  ) A dry dock is a dock from which water can be removed so that ships or boats can be built or repaired.      n-count  
If you say that someone is dry-eyed, you mean that although they are in a very sad situation they are not actually crying.      adj  
  (Antonym: tearful)   
At the funeral she was dry-eyed and composed.     
dry goods     
Dry goods are cloth, thread, and other things that are sold at a draper's shop.  
  (AM)      n-plural  
in BRIT, use drapery, haberdashery     
dry land     
If you talk about dry land, you are referring to land, in contrast to the sea or the air.      n-uncount   oft on N  
We were glad to be on dry land again.     
dry rot     
Dry rot is a serious disease of wood. It is caused by a fungus and causes wood to decay.      n-uncount  
The house was riddled with dry rot.     
dry run        ( dry runs    plural  ) If you have a dry run, you practise something to make sure that you are ready to do it properly.      n-count   oft N for n  
The competition is planned as a dry run for the World Cup finals.     
dry ski slope        ( dry ski slopes    plural  ) , dry slope   A dry ski slope is a slope made of an artificial substance on which you can practise skiing.      n-count  
dry-stone wall        ( dry-stone walls    plural  )
in AM, use dry wall      A dry-stone wall is a wall that has been built by fitting stones together without using any cement.      n-count  
medium-dry      , medium dry  
Medium-dry wine or sherry is not very sweet.      adj  
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1    arid, barren, dehydrated, desiccated, dried up, juiceless, moistureless, parched, sapless, thirsty, torrid, waterless  
2      (figurative)   boring, dreary, dull, ho-hum     (informal)   monotonous, plain, tedious, tiresome, uninteresting  
3      (figurative)   cutting, deadpan, droll, keen, low-key, quietly humorous, sarcastic, sharp, sly  
4    dehumidify, dehydrate, desiccate, drain, make dry, parch, sear  
5      (with)       out or up   become dry, become unproductive, harden, mummify, shrivel up, wilt, wither, wizen  
,       adj  
1    damp, humid, moist, wet  
2    entertaining, interesting, lively  
4    moisten, wet  

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to cover with a thin layer of paint applied with a dry brush in order to soften or blur a figure or outline
an art term
distinctive scent that accompanies the rain and rises up from the ground especially after a period of warm and dry weather
Ex.: And we could smell the scent of wheat and petrichor rising up in the air as a silent clamour.
George is home and dry! Le hardeux de boulevard Barcelone Toulouse Matabiau _in facts!
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