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  ( dumber    comparative)   ( dumbest    superlative)   ( dumbs    3rd person present)   ( dumbing    present participle)   ( dumbed    past tense & past participle  )
1       adj   Someone who is dumb is completely unable to speak.   (=mute)  
...a young deaf and dumb man.     
2       adj   If someone is dumb on a particular occasion, they cannot speak because they are angry, shocked, or surprised.  
LITERARY   v-link ADJ   (=speechless)  
We were all struck dumb for a minute.     
  dumbly      adv   ADV with v  
I shook my head dumbly, not believing him.     
3       adj   If you call a person dumb, you mean that they are stupid or foolish.  
INFORMAL, disapproval   The questions were set up to make her look dumb.     
4       adj   If you say that something is dumb, you think that it is silly and annoying.  
INFORMAL, disapproval  

I came up with this dumb idea...      dumb down      phrasal verb   If you dumb down something, you make it easier for people to understand, especially when this spoils it.  
No one favored dumbing down the magazine.      V P n, Also V n P, V  
  dumbing down      n-uncount  
He accused broadcasters of contributing to the dumbing down of America.     

dumb-bell     ( dumb-bells    plural  ) , dumbbell   A dumb-bell is a short bar with weights on either side which people use for physical exercise to strengthen their arm and shoulder muscles.      n-count  
dumb waiter        ( dumb waiters    plural  ) , dumbwaiter   A dumb waiter is a lift used to carry food and dishes from one floor of a building to another.      n-count  
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