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  ( erodes    3rd person present)   ( eroding    present participle)   ( eroded          past tense & past participle  )
1       verb   If rock or soil erodes or is eroded by the weather, sea, or wind, it cracks and breaks so that it is gradually destroyed.   (=wear away)  
By 1980, Miami beach had all but totally eroded...      V  
Once exposed, soil is quickly eroded by wind and rain.      be V-ed  
   eroded             adj  
...the deeply eroded landscape.     
2       verb   If someone's authority, right, or confidence erodes or is eroded, it is gradually destroyed or removed.  
FORMAL   His critics say his fumbling of the issue of reform has eroded his authority...      V n  
America's belief in its own God-ordained uniqueness started to erode.      V  
3       verb   If the value of something erodes or is eroded by something such as inflation or age, its value decreases.  
Competition in the financial marketplace has eroded profits...      V n  
The value of the dollar began to erode rapidly just around this time.      V  
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