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, for ever  
1       adv   If you say that something will happen or continue forever, you mean that it will always happen or continue.  
ADV with v  
I think that we will live together forever..., I will forever be grateful for his considerable input.     
2       adv   If something has gone or changed forever, it has gone or changed completely and permanently.  
ADV after v  
The old social order was gone forever..., Their lives changed forever.     
3       adv   If you say that something takes forever or lasts forever, you are emphasizing that it takes or lasts a very long time, or that it seems to.  
INFORMAL   ADV after v     (emphasis)    The drive seemed to take forever...     
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1    always, evermore, for all time, for good and all     (informal)   for keeps, in perpetuity, till Doomsday, till the cows come home     (informal)   till the end of time, world without end  
2    all the time, constantly, continually, endlessly, eternally, everlastingly, incessantly, interminably, perpetually, unremittingly  

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