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1       adj   Something that is real actually exists and is not imagined, invented, or theoretical.,   (Antonym: imaginary)    No, it wasn't a dream. It was real..., Legends grew up around a great many figures, both real and fictitious.     
2       adj   If something is realto someone, they experience it as though it really exists or happens, even though it does not.  
usu v-link ADJ, oft ADJ to n  
Whitechild's life becomes increasingly real to the reader.     
3       adj   A material or object that is real is natural or functioning, and not artificial or an imitation.  
usu ADJ n   (=genuine)  
...the smell of real leather..., Who's to know if they're real guns or not?...     
4       adj   You can use real to describe someone or something that has all the characteristics or qualities that such a person or thing typically has.  
ADJ n   (=proper)  
...his first real girlfriend..., The only real job I'd ever had was as manager of the local cafe.     
5       adj   You can use real to describe something that is the true or original thing of its kind, in contrast to one that someone wants you to believe is true.  
ADJ n   (=true)  
This was the real reason for her call..., Her real name had been Miriam Pinckus.     
6       adj   You can use real to describe something that is the most important or typical part of a thing.  
ADJ n  
When he talks, he only gives glimpses of his real self..., The smart executive has people he can trust doing all the real work.     
7       adj   You can use real when you are talking about a situation or feeling to emphasize that it exists and is important or serious.  
usu ADJ n     (emphasis)    Global warming is a real problem..., The prospect of civil war is very real..., There was never any real danger of the children being affected...     
8       adj   You can use real to emphasize a quality that is genuine and sincere.  
ADJ n     (emphasis)    Germany has shown real determination to come to terms with the anti-Semitism of its past.     
9       adj   You can use real before nouns to emphasize your description of something or someone.  
mainly SPOKEN   ADJ n     (emphasis)    `It's a fabulous deal, a real bargain.'     
10       adj   The real cost or value of something is its cost or value after other amounts have been added or subtracted and when factors such as the level of inflation have been considered.  
ADJ n   (=actual, net)  
...the real cost of borrowing.     
      You can also talk about the cost or value of something in real terms., phrase   PHR with cl  
In real terms the cost of driving is cheaper than a decade ago...     
11       adv   You can use real to emphasize an adjective or adverb.  
INFORMAL   ADV adj/adv     (emphasis)    (=really)  
He is finding prison life `real tough'...     
12    If you say that someone does something for real, you mean that they actually do it and do not just pretend to do it.  
for real      phrase   usu PHR after v  
The sex scenes were just good acting. We didn't do it for real.     
13    If you think that someone or something is very surprising, you can ask if they are for real.  
for real      phrase   v-link PHR  
Is this guy for real?     
14    If you say that a thing or event is the real thing, you mean that it is the thing or event itself, rather than an imitation or copy.  
the real thing      phrase  
The counterfeits sell for about $20 less than the real thing...     

real ale        ( real ales    plural  ) Real ale is beer which is stored in a barrel and is pumped from it without the use of carbon dioxide.  
  (mainly BRIT)      n-mass  
real estate  
1       n-uncount   Real estate is property in the form of land and buildings, rather than personal possessions.  
  (mainly AM)   (=property)  
By investing in real estate, he was one of the richest men in the United States.     
2       n-uncount   Real estate businesses or real estate agents sell houses, buildings, and land.  
  (AM)   usu N n  
...the real estate agent who sold you your house.     
in BRIT, use estate agency, estate agents     
real life     
If something happens inreal life, it actually happens and is not just in a story or in someone's imagination.      n-uncount   usu in N  
In real life men like Richard Gere don't marry street girls...     
      Real life is also an adjective., adj   ADJ n  
...a real-life horror story.     
real property     
Real property is property in the form of land and buildings, rather than personal possessions.  
  (AM)      n-uncount   (=real estate)  
real time     
If something is done inreal time, there is no noticeable delay between the action and its effect or consequence.      n-uncount   oft in N  
...umpires, who have to make every decision in real time.     
Real-time processing is a type of computer programming or data processing in which the information received is processed by the computer almost immediately.     (COMPUTING)      adj   ADJ n  
...real-time language translations.     
real world     
If you talk about thereal world, you are referring to the world and life in general, in contrast to a particular person's own life, experience, and ideas, which may seem untypical and unrealistic.      n-sing   the N  
When they eventually leave the school they will be totally ill-equipped to deal with the real world...     
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craignez la colère de la colombe
culture générale la colère des gens de nature paisible est très dangereuse
loin de la bouche aux levres
c'est de la moutarde après dîner
de la discussion, jaillit la lumière
de part et d'autre de la balance
du côté de la barbe est la toute_puissance
c'est de la confiance que naît la trahison
c'est l'hopital qui se moque de la charité
à la toussaint, commence l'été de la saint_martin
faute de riz, on mange de la bouillie
il a employé toutes les herbes de la saint_jean
culture générale ce proverbe se dit lorsque l'on a utilisé tous les médicaments auprès d'un malade
ce qui vient de la flûte retourne au tambour
de la neige, les flocons sont les papillons de la saison
décrire la jouissance que l'on a éprouvée, c'est la moitié de la jouissance
c'est suer à vendre de la glace, que de se fâcher en exhortant à la patience
rajoute de la vie aux années et non des années à la vie
dans la ville, mon nom. hors de la ville, mon habit.
connaître son ignorance est la meilleure par de la connaissance
farine fraîche et pain chaud font la ruine de la maison
c'est au bout de la vieille corde qu'on tisse la nouvelle
celui qui songe à brûler la récolte n'arrive pas au temps de la moisson
ne te moque pas de la peine du voisin, car la vôtre arrive le lendemain matin
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