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mug shot

     ( mug shots    plural  ) A mug shot is a photograph of someone, especially a photograph of a criminal which has been taken by the police.  
INFORMAL      n-count  
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shot     ( shots    plural  )
1    Shot is the past tense and past participle of shoot.  
2       n-count   A shot is an act of firing a gun.  
He had murdered Perceval at point blank range with a single shot..., A man fired a volley of shots at them.     
3       n-count   Someone who is a good shot can shoot well. Someone who is a bad shot cannot shoot well.  
adj N  
He was not a particularly good shot because of his eyesight.     
4       n-count   In sports such as football, golf, or tennis, a shot is an act of kicking, hitting, or throwing the ball, especially in an attempt to score a point.  
He had only one shot at goal.     
5       n-count   A shot is a photograph or a particular sequence of pictures in a film.  
...a shot of a fox peering from the bushes...     
6       n-count   If you have a shot at something, you attempt to do it.  
INFORMAL   usu sing, usu N at n  
The heavyweight champion will be given a shot at Holyfield's world title.     
7       n-count   A shotof a drug is an injection of it.  
usu N of n  
He administered a shot of Nembutal.     
8       n-count   A shotof a strong alcoholic drink is a small glass of it.  
...a shot of vodka.     
9    If you give something your best shot, you do it as well as you possibly can.  
give something your best shot      phrase   V inflects  
I don't expect to win. But I am going to give it my best shot.     
10    The person who calls the shots is in a position to tell others what to do.  
call the shots      phrase   V inflects  
The directors call the shots and nothing happens without their say-so.     
11    If you do something like a shot, you do it without any delay or hesitation.  
like a shot      phrase   PHR after v  
I heard the key turn in the front door and I was out of bed like a shot...     
12    If you describe something as along shot, you mean that it is unlikely to succeed, but is worth trying.  
a long shot      phrase   v-link PHR  
The deal was a long shot, but Bagley had little to lose...     
13    People sometimes use the expression by a long shot to emphasize the opinion they are giving.  
by a long shot      phrase  
The missile-reduction treaty makes sweeping cuts, but the arms race isn't over by a long shot.     
14    If something is shot through with an element or feature, it contains a lot of that element or feature.  
be shot through with      phrase   V inflects, PHR n  
This is an argument shot through with inconsistency.     
    a shot in the dark  

big shot        ( big shots    plural  ) A big shot is an important and powerful person in a group or organization.  
INFORMAL      n-count  
He's a big shot in Chilean politics.     
cheap shot        ( cheap shots    plural  ) A cheap shot is a comment someone makes which you think is unfair or unkind.      n-count  
mug shot        ( mug shots    plural  ) A mug shot is a photograph of someone, especially a photograph of a criminal which has been taken by the police.  
INFORMAL      n-count  
parting shot        ( parting shots    plural  ) If someone makes a parting shot, they make an unpleasant or forceful remark at the end of a conversation, and then leave so that no-one has the chance to reply.      n-count  
He turned to face her for his parting shot. `You're one coldhearted woman, you know that?'     
pot shot        ( pot shots    plural  ) , pot-shot  
1       n-count   To take a pot shotat someone or something means to shoot at them without taking the time to aim carefully.  
2       n-count   A pot shot is a criticism of someone which may be unexpected and unfair.  
INFORMAL   ...Republican rivals taking pot shots at the president.     
shot put     
In athletics, theshot put is a competition in which people throw a heavy metal ball as far as possible.      n-sing   usu the N  
  shot putter     ( shot putters    plural)    n-count  
...Canadian shot-putter Georgette Reed.     

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1    discharge, lob, pot shot, throw  
2    ball, bullet, lead, pellet, projectile, slug  
3    marksman, shooter  
4      (informal)   attempt, chance, conjecture, crack     (informal)   effort, endeavour, essay, go     (informal)   guess, opportunity, stab     (informal)   surmise, try, turn  
5    by a long shot:     
a    by far, easily, far and away, indubitably, undoubtedly, without doubt  
b    by any means, in any circumstances, on any account  
6    attempt, have a bash     (informal)   have a crack     (informal)   have a go  
have a shot        (informal)   have a stab     (informal)   tackle, try, try one's luck  
7    like a shot      at once, eagerly, immediately, like a bat out of hell     (slang)   like a flash, quickly, unhesitatingly  
8    shot in the arm        (informal)   boost, encouragement, fillip, impetus, lift, stimulus  

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