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  ( personalities    plural  )
1       n-var   Your personality is your whole character and nature.  
usu with supp  
She has such a kind, friendly personality..., Through sheer force of personality Hugh Trenchard had got his way..., The contest was as much about personalities as it was about politics.     
2       n-var   If someone has personality or is a personality, they have a strong and lively character.  
usu with supp   (=character)  
...a woman of great personality..., He is such a personality<endash>he is so funny.     
3       n-count   You can refer to a famous person, especially in entertainment, broadcasting, or sport, as a personality.  
...the radio and television personality, Jimmy Saville.     

split personality        ( split personalities    plural  ) If you say that someone has a split personality, you mean that their moods can change so much that they seem to have two separate personalities.      n-count  
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is a type of revolutionary culinary creations that combine original and unexpected food types and ingredients, resulting in delicious dishes...or awful misses.
Like watermelon and bread
Term used to describe low grade marijuana. This type of marijuana is usually brown, seedy, dry. The term is also used by many pot heads to describe anything that is low grade.
blend of "slacker" and "activism". Act of participating to pointless activities as a type of activism.
Signing on-line petitions or wearing bracelets against war are forms of slacktivism
a type of work that goes on 24 hours from 24 hours because the teams performing it are located in various time zones.
E.g: Some claim that follow-the-sun is a business failure. It can be used also as a verb (Our team follows the sun ) or as an adjective (We offer follow-the-sun business support) .


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