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     ( rampages    3rd person present)   ( rampaging    present participle)   ( rampaged    past tense & past participle  )
Pronounced ræmpeɪdʒ for meaning 1, and ræmpeɪdʒ for meaning 2.     
1       verb   When people or animals rampage through a place, they rush about there in a wild or violent way, causing damage or destruction.  
Hundreds of youths rampaged through the town, shop windows were smashed and cars overturned...      V adv/prep  
He used a sword to try to defend his shop from a rampaging mob.      V-ing  
2    If people go on the rampage, they rush about in a wild or violent way, causing damage or destruction.  
go on the rampage      phrase   v PHR, v-link PHR  
The prisoners went on the rampage destroying everything in their way.     
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1    go ape     (slang)   go apeshit     (slang)   go ballistic     (slang, chiefly U.S.)   go berserk, rage, run amuck, run riot, run wild, storm, tear  
2    destruction, frenzy, fury, rage, storm, tempest, tumult, uproar, violence  
3    on the rampage      amuck, berserk, destructive, out of control, raging, rampant, riotous, violent, wild  

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