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  ( raves    plural & 3rd person present)   ( raving    present participle)   ( raved    past tense & past participle  )
1       verb   If someone raves, they talk in an excited and uncontrolled way.  
She cried and raved for weeks, and people did not know what to do...      V  
`What is wrong with you, acting like that,' she raved, pacing up and down frantically.      V with quote  
2       verb   If you raveabout something, you speak or write about it with great enthusiasm.  
Rachel raved about the new foods she ate while she was there...      V about n  
`Such lovely clothes. I'd no idea Milan was so wonderful,' she raved.      V with quote  
3       n-count   A rave is a big event at which young people dance to electronic music in a large building or in the open air. Raves are often associated with illegal drugs.  
...an all-night rave at Castle Donington.     
      Rave is also an adjective., adj   ADJ n  
Old faces and new talents are making it big on the rave scene.     
    to rant and rave  

rave review        ( rave reviews    plural  ) When journalists write rave reviews, they praise something such as a play or book in a very enthusiastic way.      n-count   usu pl  
The play received rave reviews from the critics.     
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1    babble, be delirious, fume, go mad     (informal)   rage, rant, roar, run amuck, splutter, storm, talk wildly, thunder  
2      (with)       about     (informal)   be delighted by, be mad about     (informal)   be wild about     (informal)   cry up, enthuse, gush, praise, rhapsodize  
3      (informal)   acclaim, applause, encomium, praise  
4         rave-up      (Brit. slang)   affair, bash     (informal)   beano     (Brit. slang)   blow-out     (slang)   celebration, do     (informal)   hooley or hoolie     (chiefly Irish & N.Z.)   party  
5      (Brit. slang)   craze, fad, fashion, vogue  
6      (informal)   ecstatic, enthusiastic, excellent, favourable, laudatory  

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