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  ( runners    plural  )
1       n-count   A runner is a person who runs, especially for sport or pleasure.  
...a marathon runner..., I am a very keen runner and am out training most days.     
2       n-count   The runners in a horse race are the horses taking part.  
There are 18 runners in the top race of the day.     
3       n-count   A drug runner or gun runner is someone who illegally takes drugs or guns into a country.  
n N  
4       n-count   Someone who is a runner for a particular person or company is employed to take messages, collect money, or do other small tasks for them.  
...a bookie's runner.     
5       n-count   Runners are thin strips of wood or metal underneath something which help it to move smoothly.  
usu pl  
...the runners of his sled.     
6    If someone does a runner, they leave a place in a hurry, for example in order to escape arrest or to avoid paying for something.  
do a runner      phrase   V inflects   (=do a bunk)  
At this point, the accountant did a runner<endash>with all my bank statements, expenses and receipts.     

front-runner        ( front-runners    plural  ) In a competition or contest, the front-runner is the person who seems most likely to win it.      n-count   (=favourite)  
Neither of the front-runners in the presidential election is a mainstream politician.     
gun-runner        ( gun-runners    plural  )
in AM, use gunrunner      A gun-runner is someone who takes or sends guns into a country secretly and illegally.      n-count  
runner bean        ( runner beans    plural  ) Runner beans are long green beans that are eaten as a vegetable. They grow on a tall climbing plant and are the cases that contain the seeds of the plant.  
  (BRIT)      n-count   usu pl   (=French bean)  
in AM, use pole beans, scarlet runners     
runner-up        ( runners-up    plural  ) A runner-up is someone who has finished in second place in a race or competition.      n-count   oft N to n  
The ten runners-up will receive a case of wine.     
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1    athlete, harrier, jogger, miler, sprinter  
2    courier, dispatch bearer, errand boy, messenger  
3    offshoot, shoot, sprig, sprout, stem, stolon     (Botany)   tendril  

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do a runner v.
leave without paying (in a restaurant for example)
[Slang] aka: dine and dash

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