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  ( seniors    plural  )
1       adj   The senior people in an organization or profession have the highest and most important jobs.  
ADJ n     (Antonym: junior)    ...senior officials in the Israeli government., ...the company's senior management..., Television and radio needed many more women in senior jobs.     
2       adj   If someone is seniorto you in an organization or profession, they have a higher and more important job than you or they are considered to be superior to you because they have worked there for longer and have more experience.  
usu v-link ADJ to n     (Antonym: junior)    The position had to be filled by an officer senior to Haig...     
      Your seniors are the people who are senior to you., n-plural   poss N     (Antonym: junior)    He was described by his seniors as a model officer.     
3       n-sing   Senior is used when indicating how much older one person is than another. For example, if someone is ten years your senior, they are ten years older than you.  
poss N     (Antonym: junior)    She became involved with a married man many years her senior.     
4       n-count   Seniors are students in a high school, university, or college who are the oldest and who have reached an advanced level in their studies.  
5       adj   If you take part in a sport at senior level, you take part in competitions with adults and people who have reached a high degree of achievement in that sport.  
ADJ n  
This will be his fifth international championship and his third at senior level.     

senior citizen        ( senior citizens    plural  ) A senior citizen is an older person who has retired or receives an old age pension.      n-count  
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      adj   elder, higher ranking, major     (Brit.)   older, superior  
   inferior, junior, lesser, lower, minor, subordinate, younger  

senior citizen     
elder, O.A.P., old age pensioner, old or elderly person, pensioner, retired person  

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senior moment n.
a brief moment when one does not remember something or is confused

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