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  ( stinks    3rd person present)   ( stinking    present participle)   ( stank    past tense)   ( stunk    past participle  )
1       verb   To stink means to smell extremely unpleasant.  
Get away from me<endash>your breath stinks...      V  
The place stinks of fried onions...      V of n  
The pond stank like a sewer.      V like n  
      Stink is also a noun., n-sing  
He was aware of the stink of stale beer on his breath...     
  stinking      adj  
They were locked up in a stinking cell.     
2       verb   If you say that something stinks, you mean that you disapprove of it because it involves ideas, feelings, or practices that you do not like.  
INFORMAL, disapproval   I think their methods stink...      V  
The whole thing stinks of political corruption.      V of n  
3       n-sing   If someone makes a stink about something they are angry about, they show their anger in order to make people take notice.  
INFORMAL   a N   (=fuss)  
The tabloid press kicked up a stink about his seven-day visit.     
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1    offend the nostrils, pong     (Brit. informal)   reek, stink to high heaven     (informal)   whiff     (Brit. slang)  
2      (slang)   be abhorrent, be bad, be detestable, be held in disrepute, be no good, be offensive, be rotten, have a bad name  
3    fetor, foulness, foul odour, malodour, noisomeness, pong     (Brit. informal)   stench  
4      (slang)   brouhaha, commotion, deal of trouble     (informal)   disturbance, fuss, hubbub, row, rumpus, scandal, stir, to-do, uproar, upset  

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