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  ( tags    plural & 3rd person present)   ( tagging    present participle)   ( tagged    past tense & past participle  )
1       n-count   A tag is a small piece of card or cloth which is attached to an object or person and has information about that object or person on it.  
Staff wore name tags., ...baggage tags.     
    dog tag  
    price tag  
2       n-count   An electronic tag is a device that is firmly attached to someone or something and sets off an alarm if that person or thing moves away or is removed.  
A hospital is to fit new-born babies with electronic tags to foil kidnappers...     
    electronic tagging  
3       verb   If you tag something, you attach something to it or mark it so that it can be identified later.  
Professor Orr has developed interesting ways of tagging chemical molecules using existing laboratory lasers...      V n  
4       n-count   You can refer to a phrase that is used to describe someone or something as a tag.     (JOURNALISM)   usu with supp   (=label)  
In Britain, jazz is losing its elitist tag and gaining a much broader audience.     
5       verb   If you tag someone in a particular way, you keep describing them using a particular phrase or thinking of them as a particular thing.     (JOURNALISM)   (=label)  
...the pundits were still tagging him with that age-old label, `best of a bad bunch'...      V n with n  
She has always lived in John's house and is still tagged `Dad's girlfriend' by his children.      be V-ed n, Also V n as n, V n  
    question tag   tag along      phrasal verb   If someone goes somewhere and you tag along, you go with them, especially when they have not asked you to.  
I let him tag along because he had not been too well recently...      V P  
She seems quite happy to tag along with them.      V P with n   tag on      phrasal verb   If you tag something on, you add it.  
(=tack on)  

It is also worth tagging on an extra day or two to see the capital...      V P n (not pron)  

dog tag        ( dog tags    plural  ) Dog tags are metal identification discs that are worn on a chain around the neck by members of the United States armed forces.      n-count   usu pl  
price tag        ( price tags    plural  ) , price-tag  
1       n-count   If something has a price tag of a particular amount, that is the amount that you must pay in order to buy it.  
WRITTEN   The price tag on the 34-room white Regency mansion is £17.5 million.     
2       n-count   In a shop, the price tag on an article for sale is a small piece of card or paper which is attached to the article and which has the price written on it.  
question tag        ( question tags    plural  ) In grammar, a question tag is a very short clause at the end of a statement which changes the statement into a question. For example, in `She said half price, didn't she?', the words `didn't she' are a question tag.      n-count  
tag line        ( tag lines    plural  ) , tag-line   The tag line of something such as a television commercial or a joke is the phrase that comes at the end and is meant to be amusing or easy to remember.      n-count  
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1    docket, flag, flap, identification, label, mark, marker, note, slip, sticker, tab, ticket  
2    earmark, flag, identify, label, mark, ticket  
3    add, adjoin, affix, annex, append, fasten, tack  
4      (with)       on or along   accompany, attend, dog, follow, shadow, tail     (informal)   trail  
5    call, christen, dub, label, name, nickname, style, term  

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