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  ( tars    3rd person present)   ( tarring    present participle)   ( tarred    past tense & past participle  )
1       n-uncount   Tar is a thick black sticky substance that is used especially for making roads.  
2       n-uncount   Tar is one of the poisonous substances contained in tobacco.  
3    If some people in a group behave badly and if people then wrongly think that all of the group is equally bad, you can say that the whole group is tarred with the same brush.  
tar sb with the same brush      phrase   V inflects  
I am a football supporter and I have to often explain that I'm not one of the hooligan sort because we'll all get tarred with the same brush when there's trouble.     

coal tar      , coal-tar  
Coal tar is a thick black liquid made from coal which is used for making drugs and chemical products.      n-uncount  
...coal tar dyes.     
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