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  ( toasts    plural & 3rd person present)   ( toasting    present participle)   ( toasted    past tense & past participle  )
1       n-uncount   Toast is bread which has been cut into slices and made brown and crisp by cooking at a high temperature.  
...a piece of toast.     
2       verb   When you toast something such as bread, you cook it at a high temperature so that it becomes brown and crisp.  
Toast the bread lightly on both sides.      V n  
...a toasted sandwich.      V-ed  
3       n-count   When you drink a toastto someone or something, you drink some wine or another alcoholic drink as a symbolic gesture, in order to show your appreciation of them or to wish them success.  
Eleanor and I drank a toast to Miss Jacobs...     
4       verb   When you toast someone or something, you drink a toast to them.  
Party officials and generals toasted his health...      V n  
5       n-sing   If someone is the toast of a place, they are very popular and greatly admired there, because they have done something very successfully or well.  
the N of n  
She was the toast of Paris.     

toast rack        ( toast racks    plural  ) A toast rack is an object that is designed to hold pieces of toast in an upright position and separate from each other, ready for people to eat.      n-count  
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      vb   brown, grill, heat, roast, warm  

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toast          [2]  
1    compliment, drink, health, pledge, salutation, salute, tribute  
2    darling, favourite, heroine  
3    drink to, drink (to) the health of, pledge, salute  

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toast of the town n.
a popular person in a community

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