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If you describe something or someone as wonderful, you think they are extremely good.      adj   oft it v-link ADJ to-inf/that   (=fantastic)     (Antonym: awful)    The cold, misty air felt wonderful on his face..., It's wonderful to see you..., I've always thought he was a wonderful actor.     
  wonderfully      adv   usu ADV adv/adj/-ed  
It's a system that works wonderfully well...     
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1    amazing, astonishing, astounding, awe-inspiring, awesome, extraordinary, fantastic, incredible, marvellous, miraculous, odd, peculiar, phenomenal, remarkable, staggering, startling, strange, surprising, unheard-of, wondrous     (archaic or literary)  
2    ace     (informal)   admirable, awesome     (slang)   bodacious     (slang, chiefly U.S.)   boffo     (slang)   brill     (informal)   brilliant, chillin'     (U.S. slang)   cracking     (Brit. informal)   excellent, fabulous     (informal)   fantastic     (informal)   great     (informal)   jim-dandy     (slang)   like a dream come true, magnificent, marvellous, mean     (slang)   out of this world     (informal)   outstanding, sensational     (informal)   smashing     (informal)   sovereign, stupendous, super     (informal)   superb, terrific, tiptop, topping     (Brit. slang)   tremendous  
   abominable, abysmal, appalling, average, awful, bad, common, commonplace, depressing, dire, dreadful, frightful, grim, hellacious     (U.S. slang)   indifferent, lousy     (slang)   mediocre, miserable, modest, no great shakes     (informal)   ordinary, paltry, rotten, run-of-the-mill, terrible, uninteresting, unpleasant, unremarkable, usual, vile  

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means a different approach or a welcome change to something. Ex.: anna has lots of wonderful ideas and motivation - she is a breath of fresh air.
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