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1    Worse is the comparative of bad.  
2    Worse is the comparative of badly.  
3    Worse is used to form the comparative of compound adjectives beginning with `bad' and `badly.' For example, the comparative of `badly off' is `worse off'.  
4    If a situation goes from bad to worse, it becomes even more unpleasant or unsatisfactory.  
to go from bad to worse      phrase   V inflects  
For the past couple of years my life has gone from bad to worse.     
5    If a situation changes for the worse, it becomes more unpleasant or more difficult.  
for the worse      phrase   PHR after v  
The grandparents sigh and say how things have changed for the worse.     
6    If a person or thing is the worse for something, they have been harmed or badly affected by it. If they are none the worse for it, they have not been harmed or badly affected by it.  
the worse/none the worse for sth      phrase   PHR after v, PHR n  
Father came home from the pub very much the worse for drink..., They are all apparently fit and well and none the worse for the fifteen hour journey.     
    for better or worse  
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