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      n   Jakob Ludwig Karl (<PH:'><PH:j><PH:a><PH::><PH:k><PH:%><PH:p> <PH:'><PH:l><PH:u><PH::><PH:t><PH:v><PH:I><PH:ç> <PH:k><PH:a><PH:r><PH:l>), 1785--1863, and his brother, Wilhelm Karl (<PH:'><PH:v><PH:I><PH:l><PH:h><PH:E><PH:l><PH:m> <PH:k><PH:a><PH:r><PH:l>), 1786--1859, German philologists and folklorists, who collaborated on Grimm's Fairy Tales (1812--22) and began a German dictionary. Jakob is noted also for his philological work Deutsche Grammatik (1819--37), in which he formulated the law named after him  

Grimm's law  
      n   the rules accounting for systematic correspondences between consonants in the Germanic languages and consonants in other Indo-European languages; it states that Proto-Indo-European voiced aspirated stops, voiced unaspirated stops, and voiceless stops became voiced unaspirated stops, voiceless stops, and voiceless fricatives respectively  
     (formulated by J. Grimm)  
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