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1    Heinrich ('hainrɪç). 1871--1950, German novelist: works include Professor Unrat (1905), which was filmed as The Blue Angel (1928), and Man of Straw (1918)  
2    his brother, Thomas ('to:mas). 1875--1955, German novelist, in the U.S. after 1937. His works deal mainly with the problem of the artist in bourgeois society and include the short story Death in Venice (1913) and the novels Buddenbrooks (1900), The Magic Mountain (1924), and Doctor Faustus (1947): Nobel prize for literature 1929  

      n   Murray. born 1929, U.S. physicist, noted for his research on the interaction and classification of elementary particles: Nobel prize for physics in 1969  
Mann-Whitney test  
      n   a statistical test of the difference between the distributions of data collected in two experimental conditions applied to unmatched groups of subjects but comparing the distributions of the ranks of the scores,   (Also called)    Wilcoxon Mann-Whitney test  
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