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1    antagonistic or inimical; hostile  
adverse criticism     
2    unfavourable to one's interests  
adverse circumstances     
3    contrary or opposite in direction or position  
adverse winds     
4    (of leaves, flowers, etc.) facing the main stem  
   Compare       averse       2  
     (C14: from Latin adversus opposed to, hostile, from advertere to turn towards, from ad- to, towards + vertere to turn)  
  adversely      adv  
  adverseness      n  

adverse possession  
      n     (Property law)   the occupation or possession of land by a person not legally entitled to it. If continued unopposed for a period specifed by law, such occupation extinguishes the title of the rightful owner  
adverse pressure gradient  
      n     (Aerodynamics)   an increase of pressure in the direction of flow  
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antagonistic, conflicting, contrary, detrimental, disadvantageous, hostile, inexpedient, inimical, injurious, inopportune, negative, opposing, opposite, reluctant, repugnant, unfavourable, unfortunate, unfriendly, unlucky, unpropitious, unwilling  
   advantageous, auspicious, beneficial, favourable, fortunate, helpful, lucky, opportune, promising, propitious, suitable  

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