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      vb   , agrees, agreeing, agreed   mainly intr  
1    often foll by: with   to be of the same opinion; concur  
2    also tr; when intr, often foll by: to; when tr, takes a clause as object or an infinitive   to give assent; consent  
she agreed to go home, I'll agree to that     
3    also tr; when intr, foll by: on or about; when tr, may take a clause as object   to come to terms (about); arrive at a settlement (on)  
they agreed a price, they agreed on the main points     
4    foll by: with   to be similar or consistent; harmonize; correspond  
5    foll by: with   to be agreeable or suitable (to one's health, temperament, etc.)  
6    tr; takes a clause as object   to concede or grant; admit  
they agreed that the price they were asking was too high     
7    tr   to make consistent with  
to agree the balance sheet with the records by making adjustments, writing off, etc.     
8      (Grammar)   to undergo agreement  
     (C14: from Old French agreer, from the phrase a gre at will or pleasure)  
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1    accede, acquiesce, admit, allow, assent, be of the same mind, comply, concede, concur, consent, engage, grant, permit, see eye to eye, settle, shake hands  
2    accord, answer, chime, coincide, conform, correspond, fit, get on (together), harmonize, match, square, suit, tally  
   contradict, deny, differ, disagree, dispute, dissent, rebut, refute, retract  

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