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      n   pl   , -os  
1    the use of electromagnetic waves, lying in the radio-frequency range, for broadcasting, two-way communications, etc.  
2    an electronic device designed to receive, demodulate, and amplify radio signals from sound broadcasting stations, etc.  
3    a similar device permitting both transmission and reception of radio signals for two-way communications  
4    the broadcasting, content, etc., of sound radio programmes  
he thinks radio is poor these days     
a    the occupation or profession concerned with any aspect of the broadcasting of sound radio programmes  
he's in radio     
b    modifier   relating to, produced for, or transmitted by sound radio  
radio drama     
6       short for       radiotelegraph       radiotelegraphy       radiotelephone  
7    modifier  
a    of, relating to, employed in, or sent by radio signals  
a radio station     
b    of, concerned with, using, or operated by radio frequencies  
radio spectrum     
8    modifier   (of a motor vehicle) equipped with a radio for communication  
radio car     
      vb   , -os, -oing, -oed  
9    to transmit (a message) to (a person, radio station, etc.) by means of radio waves,   (Also called (esp. Brit.))    wireless  
     (C20: short for radiotelegraphy)  

cellular radio  
      n   radio communication based on a network of transmitters each serving a small area known as a cell: used in personal communications systems in which the mobile receiver switches frequencies automatically as it passes from one cell to another  
      combining form  
1    denoting radio, broadcasting, or radio frequency  
2    indicating radioactivity or radiation  
radiochemistry, radiolucent     
3    indicating a radioactive isotope or substance  
radioactinium, radiothorium, radioelement     
     (from French, from Latin radius ray; see radius)  
radio astronomy  
      n   a branch of astronomy in which a radio telescope is used to detect and analyse radio signals received on earth from radio sources in space  
radio beacon  
      n   a fixed radio transmitting station that broadcasts a characteristic signal by means of which a vessel or aircraft can determine its bearing or position,   (Sometimes shortened to)    beacon  
radio beam  
      n   a narrow beam of radio signals transmitted by a radio or radar beacon, radio telescope, or some other directional aerial, used for communications, navigation, etc,   (Sometimes shortened to)    beam  
radio compass  
      n   any navigational device that gives a bearing by determining the direction of incoming radio waves transmitted from a particular radio station or beacon  
   See also       goniometer       2  
radio control  
      n   remote control by means of radio signals from a transmitter  
  radio-controlled      adj  
radio frequency  
a    a frequency or band of frequencies that lie in the range 10 kilohertz to 300000 megahertz and can be used for radio communications and broadcasting,   (Abbrevs.)    rf, RF      See also       frequency band  
b    (as modifier)  
a radio-frequency amplifier     
2    the frequency transmitted by a particular radio station  
radio galaxy  
      n   a galaxy that is a strong emitter of radio waves  
      n   a sensitive immunological assay, making use of radioactive labelling, for the detection and quantification of biologically important substances, such as hormone levels in the blood  
radio interferometer  
      n   a type of radio telescope in which two or more aerials connected to the same receiver produce interference patterns that can be analysed to provide information about the source of the radio waves  
radio microphone  
      n   a microphone incorporating a radio transmitter so that the user can move around freely  
radio receiver  
      n   an apparatus that receives incoming modulated radio waves and converts them into sound  
radio source  
      n   a celestial object, such as a supernova remnant or quasar, that is a source of radio waves  
radio spectrum  
      n   the range of electromagnetic frequencies used in radio transmission, lying between 10 kilohertz and 300000 megahertz  
radio star  
      n      a former name for       radio source  
radio station  
1    an installation consisting of one or more transmitters or receivers, etc., used for radiocommunications  
2    a broadcasting organization  
radio telescope  
      n   an instrument consisting of an antenna or system of antennas connected to one or more radio receivers, used in radio astronomy to detect and analyse radio waves from space  
radio valve  
      n      another name for       valve       3  
radio wave  
      n   an electromagnetic wave of radio frequency  
radio window  
      n   a gap in ionospheric reflection that allows radio waves, with frequencies in the range 10000 to 40000 megahertz, to pass from or into space  
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