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1    greatness of extent; magnitude  
2    abundance or copiousness  
3    breadth or scope, as of the mind  
4      (Astronomy)   the angular distance along the horizon measured from true east or west to the point of intersection of the vertical circle passing through a celestial body  
5      (Also called)    argument     (Maths)   (of a complex number) the angle that the vector representing the complex number makes with the positive real axis. If the point (x, y) has polar coordinates (r, θ), the amplitude of x + iy is θ, that is, arctan Y/x  
   Compare       modulus       2  
See also  
    Argand diagram  
6      (Physics)   the maximum displacement from the zero or mean position of a periodic motion or curve  
     (C16: from Latin amplitudo breadth, from amplus spacious)  

amplitude modulation  
1    one of the principal methods of transmitting audio, visual, or other types of information using radio waves, the relevant signal being superimposed onto a radio-frequency carrier wave. The frequency of the carrier wave remains unchanged but its amplitude is varied in accordance with the amplitude of the input signal,   (Abbrevs.)    AM, am      Compare       frequency modulation  
2    a wave that has undergone this process  
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amplitude modulation, amplify, ample, amply

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