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1    a request for relief, aid, etc.  
2    the power to attract, please, stimulate, or interest  
a dress with appeal     
3    an application or resort to another person or authority, esp. a higher one, as for a decision or confirmation of a decision  
4      (Law)  
a    the judicial review by a superior court of the decision of a lower tribunal  
b    a request for such review  
c    the right to such review  
5      (Cricket)   a verbal request to the umpire from one or more members of the fielding side to declare a batsman out  
6      (English law)   (formerly) a formal charge or accusation  
appeal of felony     
7    intr   to make an earnest request for relief, support, etc.  
8    intr   to attract, please, stimulate, or interest  
9      (Law)   to apply to a superior court to review (a case or particular issue decided by a lower tribunal)  
10    intr   to resort (to), as for a decision or confirmation of a decision  
11    intr     (Cricket)   to ask the umpire to declare a batsman out  
12    intr   to challenge the umpire's or referee's decision  
     (C14: from Old French appeler, from Latin appellare to entreat (literally: to approach), from pellere to push, drive)  
  appealable      adj  
  appealer      n  

Court of Appeal  
      n   a branch of the Supreme Court of Judicature that hears appeals from the High Court in both criminal and civil matters and from the county and crown courts  
Lord Justice of Appeal  
      n   an ordinary judge of the Court of Appeal  
Lord of Appeal  
      n     (Brit)   one of several judges appointed to assist the House of Lords in hearing appeals  
sex appeal  
      n   the quality or power of attracting the opposite sex  
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1    adjuration, application, entreaty, invocation, petition, plea, prayer, request, solicitation, suit, supplication  
2    allure, attraction, attractiveness, beauty, charm, engagingness, fascination, interestingness, pleasingness  
3    adjure, apply, ask, beg, beseech, call, call upon, entreat, implore, petition, plead, pray, refer, request, resort to, solicit, sue, supplicate  
4    allure, attract, charm, engage, entice, fascinate, interest, invite, please, tempt  
,       n  
1    denial, refusal, rejection, repudiation  
2    repulsiveness  
3    deny, refuse, reject, repudiate, repulse  
4    alienate, bore, repulse, revolt  

sex appeal     
allure, desirability, glamour, it     (informal)   magnetism, oomph     (informal)   seductiveness, sensuality, sexiness     (informal)   voluptuousness  

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