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1    the act of assessing, esp. (in Britain) the evaluation of a student's achievement on a course  
2    an amount determined as payable  
3    a valuation set on taxable property, income, etc.  
4    evaluation; estimation  

assessment arrangements  
      pl n     (Brit. education)   nationally standardized plans for pupil assessment in different subjects based on attainment targets at the end of each key stage in the National Curriculum  
continuous assessment  
      n   the assessment of a pupil's progress throughout a course of study rather than exclusively by examination at the end of it  
formative assessment  
      n   ongoing assessment of a pupil's educational development within a particular subject area  
   Compare       summative assessment  
1    an evaluation of one's own abilities and failings  
2      (Finance)   a system to enable taxpayers to assess their own tax liabilities  
special assessment  
      n   (in the U.S.) a special charge levied on property owners by a county or municipality to help pay the costs of a civic improvement that increases the value of their property  
standard assessment tasks  
      pl n     (Brit, Education)   externally devised assessments in core subjects which complement those carried out by teachers,   (Abbrev)   
summative assessment  
      n     (Brit. education)   general assessment of a pupil's achievements over a range of subjects by means of a combined appraisal of formative assessments  
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1    appraisal, computation, determination, estimate, estimation, evaluation, judgment, rating, valuation  
2    charge, demand, duty, evaluation, fee, impost, levy, rate, rating, tariff, tax, taxation, toll, valuation  

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