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1    secondary or supplementary  
2    supporting  
3      (Nautical)   (of a sailing vessel) having an engine  
an auxiliary sloop     
      n   pl   , -ries  
4    a person or thing that supports or supplements; subordinate or assistant  
5      (Nautical)  
a    a sailing vessel with an engine  
b    the engine of such a vessel  
6      (Navy)   a vessel such as a tug, hospital ship, etc., not used for combat  
     (C17: from Latin auxiliarius bringing aid, from auxilium help, from augere to increase, enlarge, strengthen)  

auxiliary note  
      n     (Music)   a nonharmonic note occurring between two harmonic notes  
auxiliary power unit  
      n   an additional engine fitted to an aircraft to operate when the main engines are not in use  
auxiliary rotor  
      n   the tail rotor of a helicopter, used for directional and rotary control  
auxiliary verb  
      n   a verb used to indicate the tense, voice, mood, etc., of another verb where this is not indicated by inflection, such as English will in he will go, was in he was eating and he was eaten, do in I do like you, etc.  
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