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1      (Architect)  
a      (Also called)    bead          a small convex moulding, usually with a semicircular cross section  
b    a moulding having the form of a string of beads  
2      (Furniture)   a glazing bar, esp. in a bookcase  
3      (Anatomy)   the ankle or anklebone  
     (C17: from Latin astragalus, from Greek astragalos anklebone, hence, small round moulding)  

1    a small usually spherical piece of glass, wood, plastic, etc., with a hole through it by means of which it may be strung with others to form a necklace, etc  
2    a small drop of moisture  
a bead of sweat            
3    a small bubble in or on a liquid  
4    a small metallic knob acting as the sight of a firearm  
5    draw a bead on   to aim a rifle or pistol at  
6      (Also called)    astragal     (Architect, furniture)   a small convex moulding having a semicircular cross section  
7      (Chem)   a small solid globule made by fusing a powdered sample with borax or a similar flux on a platinum wire. The colour of the globule serves as a test for the presence of certain metals (bead test)  
8      (Metallurgy)   a deposit of welding metal on the surface of a metal workpiece, often used to examine the structure of the weld zone  
9      (R.C. Church)   one of the beads of a rosary  
10    count, say, or tell one's beads   to pray with a rosary  
11    tr   to decorate with beads  
12    to form into beads or drops  
     (Old English bed prayer; related to Old High German gibet prayer)  
  beaded      adj  
      n   pl   , -bies   a N temperate liliaceous plantwith small white bell-shaped flowers and small red berries  
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blob, bubble, dot, drop, droplet, globule, pellet, pill, spherule  

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