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1    tr; may take a clause as object   to accept (a statement, supposition, or opinion) as true  
I believe God exists     
2    tr   to accept the statement or opinion of (a person) as true  
3    intr; foll by: in   to be convinced of the truth or existence (of)  
to believe in fairies     
4    intr   to have religious faith  
5    when tr, takes a clause as object   to think, assume, or suppose  
I believe that he has left already     
6    tr; foll by: of; used with can, could, would, etc   to think that someone is able to do (a particular action)  
I wouldn't have believed it of him     
     (Old English beliefan)  
  believability      n  
  believable      adj  
  believably      adv  
  believer      n  
  believing      n, adj  

make believe  
1    to pretend or enact a fantasy  
the children made believe they were doctors     
a    a fantasy, pretence, or unreality  
b    (as modifier)  
a make-believe world     
3    a person who pretends  
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1    accept, be certain of, be convinced of, buy     (slang)   count on, credit, depend on, have faith in, hold, place confidence in, presume true, rely on, swallow     (informal)   swear by, take as gospel, take on board, trust  
2    assume, conjecture, consider, gather, guess     (informal, chiefly U.S. & Canad.)   imagine, judge, maintain, postulate, presume, reckon, speculate, suppose, think  
   disbelieve, distrust, doubt, know, question  

      n   charade, dream, fantasy, imagination, play-acting, pretence, unreality  
      adj   dream, fantasized, fantasy, imaginary, imagined, made-up, mock, pretend, pretended, sham, unreal  
,       n   actuality, fact, reality, truthfulness  
      adj   authentic, genuine, real, unfeigned  
make believe     
act as if or though, dream, enact, fantasize, imagine, play, play-act, pretend  

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a willingness to believe in the absence of sufficient evidence, or contrary to the evidence.
this could cover all instances of use of the word 'faith'.
I can't understand it, I can't believe it, I can't accept it
blindly believe in smth.; embrace an idea/practice without questioning it.
from the mass-suicide led by People Temple organization leader in 1978, who asked his followers to drink poisoned Kool-Aid juice.
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