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1      (Anatomy)   a distensible membranous sac, usually containing liquid or gas, esp. the urinary bladder  
   Related adj       vesical  
2    an inflatable part of something  
3    a blister, cyst, vesicle, etc., usually filled with fluid  
4    a hollow vesicular or saclike part or organ in certain plants, such as the bladderwrack  
     (Old English blædre)  
  bladdery      adj  

air bladder  
1      (Ichthyol)   an air-filled sac, lying above the alimentary canal in bony fishes, that regulates buoyancy at different depths by a variation in the pressure of the air,   (Also called)    swim bladder  
2    any air-filled sac, such as one of the bladders of seaweeds  
bladder campion  
      n   a European caryophyllaceous plant, Silene vulgaris, having white flowers with an inflated calyx  
bladder fern  
      n   a small fern, Cystoperis fragilis, with graceful lanceolate leaves, typically growing on limestone rocks and walls  
     (C19: named from the bladder-shaped indusium)  
bladder ketmia  
      n      another name for       flower-of-an-hour  
bladder senna  
      n   a Eurasian papilionaceous plant, Colutea arborescens, with yellow and red flowers and membranous inflated pods  
bladder worm  
      n   an encysted saclike larva of the tapeworm. The main types are cysticercus, hydatid and coenurus  
gall bladder  
      n   a muscular sac, attached to the right lobe of the liver, that stores bile and ejects it into the duodenum  
swim bladder  
      n     (Ichthyol)      another name for       air bladder       1  
urinary bladder  
      n   a distensible membranous sac in which the urine excreted from the kidneys is stored  
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