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Vandyke collar

, cape         
      n   a large white collar with several very deep points,   (Often shortened to)    Vandyke  

cape          [1]  
1    a sleeveless garment like a cloak but usually shorter  
2    a strip of material attached to a coat or other garment so as to fall freely, usually from the shoulders  
     (C16: from French, from Provençal capa, from Late Latin cappa; see cap)  
cape          [2]  
      n   a headland or promontory  
     (C14: from Old French cap, from Old Provençal, from Latin caput head)  
1    the SW region of South Africa, in Western Cape province  
2       See       Cape of Good Hope  
Cape Breton Island  
      n   an island off SE Canada, in NE Nova Scotia, separated from the mainland by the Strait of Canso: its easternmost point is Cape Breton. Pop.: 120098 (1991). Area: 10280 sq. km (3970 sq. miles)  
Cape buffalo  
      n      another name for       buffalo       1  
Cape cart  
      n     (S. African)   a two-wheeled horse-drawn vehicle sometimes with a canvas hood  
Cape Cod  
1    a long sandy peninsula in SE Massachusetts, between Cape Cod Bay and the Atlantic  
2      (Also called)    Cape Cod cottage   a one-storey cottage of timber construction with a simple gable roof and a large central chimney: originated on Cape Cod in the 18th century  
Cape Colony  
      n   the name from 1652 until 1910 of the former Cape Province of South Africa  
Cape Coloured  
      n      (in South Africa) another name for a       Coloured       2  
Cape doctor  
      n     (S. African)  
informal   a strong fresh SE wind blowing in the vicinity of Cape Town, esp. in the summer  
Cape Dutch  
1       an obsolete name for       Afrikaans  
2    (in South Africa) a distinctive style of furniture or architecture  
Cape Flats  
      pl n   the strip of low-lying land in South Africa joining the Cape Peninsula proper to the African mainland  
cape gooseberry  
      n      another name for       strawberry tomato  
Cape Horn  
      n   a rocky headland on an island at the extreme S tip of South America, belonging to Chile. It is notorious for gales and heavy seas; until the building of the Panama Canal it lay on the only sea route between the Atlantic and the Pacific,   (Also called)    the Horn  
Cape jasmine  
      n   a widely cultivated gardenia shrub, Gardenia jasminoides  
   See       gardenia  
Cape of Good Hope  
      n   a cape in SW South Africa south of Cape Town  
Cape Peninsula  
      n   (in South Africa) the peninsula and the part of the mainland on which Cape Town and most of its suburbs are located  
Cape pigeon  
      n   a species of seagoing petrel, Daption capensis, with characteristic white wing patches: a common winter visitor off the coasts of southern Africa: family Diomedeidae,   (Also called)    pintado petrel  
Cape primrose  
      n      See       streptocarpus  
Cape Province  
      n   a former province of S South Africa; replaced in 1994 by the new provinces of Northern Cape, Western Cape, Eastern Cape and part of North-West. Capital: Cape Town,   (Official name)    Cape of Good Hope Province     (Former name (1652--1910))    Cape Colony  
Cape sparrow  
      n   a sparrow, Passer melanurus, very common in southern Africa: family Ploceidae,   (Also called (esp. S. African))    mossie  
Cape Town  
      n   the legislative capital of South Africa and capital of Western Cape province, situated in the southwest on Table Bay: founded in 1652, the first White settlement in southern Africa; important port. Pop.: 854616 (1991)  
Cape Verde  
      n   a republic in the Atlantic off the coast of West Africa, consisting of a group of ten islands and five islets: an overseas territory of Portugal until 1975, when the islands became independent. Official language: Portuguese. Religion: Christian (Roman Catholic) majority; animist minority. Currency: Cape Verdean escudo. Capital: Praia. Pop.: 400000 (1998 est.). Area: 4033 sq. km (1557 sq. miles)  
  Cape Verdean      adj, n  
Cape York  
      n   the northernmost point of the Australian mainland, in N Queensland on the Torres Strait at the tip of Cape York Peninsula (a peninsula between the Coral Sea and the Gulf of Carpentaria).  
East Cape  
1    the easternmost point of New Guinea, on Milne Bay  
2    the easternmost point of New Zealand, on North Island  
3       the former name for Cape       Dezhnev  
Eastern Cape  
      n   a province of S South Africa; formed in 1994 from part of the former Cape Province: service industries, agriculture, and mining. Capital: Bisho. Pop.: 6481300 (1995 est.). Area: 169600 sq. km (65483 sq. miles)  
Nordkyn Cape     (Norwegian)  
      n   a cape in N Norway: the northernmost point of the European mainland  
North Cape  
1    a cape on N Magerøy Island, in the Arctic Ocean off the N coast of Norway  
2    a cape on N North Island, New Zealand  
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purple dye sprayed by a police water cannon to mark the demonstrators for arrest. The purple substance was dubbed 'purple rain' by the press after an anti-apartheid protest held in Cape Town on September 2, 1989.
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