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,   (U.S.)   catalog  
1    a complete, usually alphabetical list of items, often with notes giving details  
2    a book, usually illustrated, containing details of items for sale, esp. as used by mail-order companies  
3    a list of all the books or resources of a library  
4      (U.S. and Canadian)   a publication issued by a university, college, etc., listing courses offered, regulations, services, etc.  
5      (N.Z.)   a list of wool lots prepared for auction  
      vb   , -logues, -loguing, -logued  
     (U.S.)   , -logs, -loging, -loged  
6    to compile a catalogue of (a library)  
7    to add (books, items, etc.) to an existing catalogue  
     (C15: from Late Latin catalogus, from Greek katalogos, from katalegein to list, from kata- completely + legein to collect)  
  cataloguer, cataloguist      n  

card catalogue  
      n   a catalogue of books, papers, etc., filed on cards  
catalogue raisonné     (French)  
      n   a descriptive catalogue, esp. one covering works of art in an exhibition or collection  
dictionary catalogue  
      n   a catalogue of the authors, titles and subjects of books in one alphabetical sequence  
Messier catalogue  
      n     (Astronomy)   a catalogue of 103 nonstellar objects, such as nebulae and galaxies, prepared in 1781--86. An object is referred to by its number in this catalogue, for example the Andromeda Galaxy is referred to as M31  
     (C18: named after Charles Messier (1730--1817), French astronomer)  
subject catalogue  
      n     (Library science)   a catalogue with entries arranged by subject in a classified sequence  
union catalogue  
      n   a catalogue listing every publication held at cooperating libraries  
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      n   directory, gazetteer, index, inventory, list, record, register, roll, roster, schedule  
      vb   accession, alphabetize, classify, file, index, inventory, list, register, tabulate  

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booklet, brochure, catalogue, details of bill
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