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cell membrane


      n   a very thin membrane, composed of lipids and protein, that surrounds the cytoplasm of a cell and controls the passage of substances into and out of the cell,   (Also called)    plasmalemma, plasma membrane  
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cell          [1]  
1    a small simple room, as in a prison, convent, monastery, or asylum; cubicle  
2    any small compartment  
the cells of a honeycomb     
3      (Biology)   the smallest unit of an organism that is able to function independently. It consists of a nucleus, containing the genetic material, surrounded by the cytoplasm in which are mitochondria, lysosomes, ribosomes, and other organelles. All cells are bounded by a cell membrane; plant cells have an outer cell wall in addition  
4      (Biology)   any small cavity or area, such as the cavity containing pollen in an anther  
5    a device for converting chemical energy into electrical energy, usually consisting of a container with two electrodes immersed in an electrolyte  
   See also       primary cell       secondary cell       dry cell       wet cell       fuel cell  
6       short for       electrolytic cell  
7    a small religious house dependent upon a larger one  
8    a small group of persons operating as a nucleus of a larger political, religious, or other organization  
Communist cell     
9      (Maths)   a small unit of volume in a mathematical coordinate system  
10      (Zoology)   one of the areas on an insect wing bounded by veins  
11    the geographical area served by an individual transmitter in a cellular radio network  
     (C12: from Medieval Latin cella monk's cell, from Latin: room, storeroom; related to Latin celare to hide)  
  cell-like      adj  

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1    cavity, chamber, compartment, cubicle, dungeon, stall  
2    caucus, coterie, group, nucleus, unit  

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percusion musical instrument without membrane
cell mate (in a prison)
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