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1    to follow or run after (a person, animal, or goal) persistently or quickly  
2    tr; often foll by: out, away, or off   to force to run (away); drive (out)  
3    tr  
Informal   to court (a member of the opposite sex) in an unsubtle manner  
4    tr; often foll by: up  
Informal   to pursue persistently and energetically in order to obtain results, information, etc.  
chase up the builders and get a delivery date     
5    intr  
Informal   to hurry; rush  
6    the act of chasing; pursuit  
7    any quarry that is pursued  
8      (Brit)   an unenclosed area of land where wild animals are preserved to be hunted  
9      (Brit)   the right to hunt a particular quarry over the land of others  
10    the chase   the act or sport of hunting  
11       short for       steeplechase  
12      (Real Tennis)   a ball that bounces twice, requiring the point to be played again  
13    cut to the chase  
Informal     (chiefly U.S.)   to start talking about the important aspects of something  
14    give chase   to pursue (a person, animal, or thing) actively  
     (C13: from Old French chacier, from Vulgar Latin captiare (unattested), from Latin captare to pursue eagerly, from capere to take; see catch)  
  chaseable      adj  
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chase          [2]  
1      (Letterpress printing)   a rectangular steel or cast-iron frame into which metal type and blocks making up pages are locked for printing or plate-making  
2    the part of a gun barrel from the front of the trunnions to the muzzle  
3    a groove or channel, esp. one that is cut in a wall to take a pipe, cable, etc.  
      vb   tr  
4      (Also)    chamfer   to cut a groove, furrow, or flute in (a surface, column, etc.)  
     (C17 (in the sense: frame for letterpress matter): probably from French châsse frame (in the sense: bore of a cannon, etc.): from Old French chas enclosure, from Late Latin capsus pen for animals; both from Latin capsa case2)  

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chase          [3]  
      vb   tr  
1      (Also)    enchase   to ornament (metal) by engraving or embossing  
2    to form or finish (a screw thread) with a chaser  
     (C14: from Old French enchasser enchase)  

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      vb   course, drive, drive away, expel, follow, hound, hunt, pursue, put to flight, run after, track  
      n   hunt, hunting, pursuit, race, venery     (archaic)  

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