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      n   pl   , -ries  
1    any of several trees of the rosaceous genus Prunus, such as P. avium (sweet cherry), having a small fleshy rounded fruit containing a hard stone  
   See also       bird cherry  
2    the fruit or wood of any of these trees  
3    any of various unrelated plants, such as the ground cherry and Jerusalem cherry  
a    a bright red colour; cerise  
b    (as adj.)  
a cherry coat     
5    Taboo slang   virginity or the hymen as its symbol  
6    modifier   of or relating to the cherry fruit or wood  
cherry tart     
     (C14: back formation from Old English ciris (mistakenly thought to be plural), ultimately from Late Latin ceresia, perhaps from Latin cerasus cherry tree, from Greek kerasios)  
  cherry-like      adj  

bird cherry  
      n   a small Eurasian rosaceous tree, Prunus padus, with clusters of white flowers and small black fruits  
   See also       cherry       1  
cherry brandy  
      n   a red liqueur made of brandy flavoured with cherries  
cherry laurel  
      n   a Eurasian rosaceous evergreen shrub, Prunus laurocerasus, having glossy aromatic leaves, white flowers, and purplish-black fruits  
      vb   tr   to choose or take the best or most profitable of (a number of things), esp. for one's own benefit or gain  
to cherry-pick the best routes     
cherry picker  
      n   a hydraulic crane, esp. one mounted on a lorry, that has an elbow joint or telescopic arm supporting a basket-like platform enabling a person to service high power lines or to carry out similar operations above the ground  
      n   a widely planted garden heliotrope, Heliotropium peruvianum  
cherry plum  
      n   a small widely planted Asian rosaceous tree, Prunus cerasifera, with white flowers and red or yellow cherry-like fruit,   (Also called)    myrobalan  
cherry tomato  
      n   a miniature tomato not much bigger than a cherry  
ground cherry  
      n   any of various American solanaceous plants of the genus Physalis, esp. P. pubescens, having round fleshy fruit enclosed in a bladder-like husk  
   See also       winter cherry       gooseberry       4  
heart cherry  
      n   a heart-shaped variety of sweet cherry  
Jerusalem cherry  
      n   a small South American solanaceous shrub, Solanum pseudo-capsicum, cultivated as a house plant for its white flowers and inedible reddish cherry-like fruit  
maraschino cherry  
      n   a cherry preserved in maraschino or an imitation of this liqueur, used as a garnish  
sour cherry  
1    a Eurasian rosaceous tree, Prunus cerasus, with white flowers: cultivated for its tart red fruits  
2    the fruit of this tree  
   Compare       sweet cherry  
See also  
    morello       amarelle  
sweet cherry  
1    either of two types of cherry tree that are cultivated for their red edible sweet fruit, the gean having tender-fleshed fruit, the bigarreau having firm-fleshed fruit  
2    the fruit of any of these trees  
   See also       heart cherry     (Also called)    dessert cherry  
    sour cherry  
wild cherry  
      n      another name for       gean       1  
winter cherry  
1    a Eurasian solanaceous plant, Physalis alkekengi, cultivated for its ornamental inflated papery orange-red calyx  
2    the calyx of this plant,   (See also)        Chinese lantern       ground cherry  
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