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1    a group of organisms or cells of the same genetic constitution that are descended from a common ancestor by asexual reproduction, as by cuttings, grafting, etc., in plants  
2      (Also called)    gene clone   a segment of DNA that has been isolated and replicated by laboratory manipulation: used to analyse genes and manufacture their products (proteins)  
3    Informal   a person or thing bearing a very close resemblance to another person or thing  
4    Slang  
a    a mobile phone that has been given the electronic identity of an existing mobile phone, so that calls made on it are charged to the owner of that phone  
b    any similar object or device, such as a credit card, that has been given the electronic identity of another device usu. in order to commit theft  
5    to produce or cause to produce a clone  
6    Informal   to produce near copies (of a person or thing)  
7    tr  
Slang   to give (a mobile phone, etc.) the electronic identity of an existing mobile phone (or other device), so that calls, purchases, etc. made with it are charged to the original owner  
     (C20: from Greek klon twig, shoot; related to klan to break)  
  clonal      adj  
  clonally      adv  

gene clone  
      n      See       clone       2  
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