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1    a number of things growing, fastened, or occurring close together  
2    a number of persons or things grouped together  
3      (U.S. military)   a metal insignia worn on a medal ribbon to indicate a second award or a higher class of a decoration or order  
4      (Military)  
a    a group of bombs dropped in one stick, esp. fragmentation and incendiary bombs  
b    the basic unit of mines used in laying a minefield  
5      (Astronomy)   an aggregation of stars or galaxies moving together through space  
6    a group of two or more consecutive vowels or consonants  
7      (Statistics)   a naturally occurring subgroup of a population used in stratified sampling  
8      (Chem)  
a    a chemical compound or molecule containing groups of metal atoms joined by metal-to-metal bonds  
b    the group of linked metal atoms present  
9    to gather or be gathered in clusters  
     (Old English clyster; related to Low German Kluster; see clod, clot)  
  clustered      adj  
  clusteringly      adv  
  clustery      adj  

cluster bomb  
      n   a bomb that throws out a number of smaller bombs or antipersonnel projectiles when it explodes  
cluster fly  
      n   a dipterous fly, Pollenia rudis, that tends to gather in large numbers in attics in the autumn: family Calliphoridae. The larvae are parasitic in earthworms  
gear cluster  
      n     (Engineering)   an assembly of gears permanently attached to a shaft  
globular cluster  
      n     (Astronomy)   a densely populated spheroidal star cluster with the highest concentration of stars near its centre, found in the galactic halo  
oak-leaf cluster  
      n     (U.S)   an insignia consisting of oak leaves and acorns awarded to holders of certain military decorations to indicate a further award of the same decoration  
tone cluster  
      n     (Music)   a group of adjacent notes played simultaneously, either in an orchestral score or, on the piano, by depressing a whole set of adjacent keys  
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      n   assemblage, batch, bunch, clump, collection, gathering, group, knot  
      vb   assemble, bunch, collect, flock, gather, group  

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