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cover girl


      n   a girl, esp. a glamorous one, whose picture appears on the cover of a newspaper or magazine  
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      vb   mainly tr  
1    to place or spread something over so as to protect or conceal  
2    to provide with a covering; clothe  
3    to put a garment, esp. a hat, on (the body or head)  
4    to extend over or lie thickly on the surface of; spread  
snow covered the fields     
5    to bring upon (oneself); invest (oneself) as if with a covering  
covered with shame     
6    sometimes foll by: up   to act as a screen or concealment for; hide from view  
7      (Military)   to protect (an individual, formation, or place) by taking up a position from which fire may be returned if those being protected are fired upon  
8    also intr, often foll by: for   to assume responsibility for (a person or thing)  
to cover for a colleague in his absence     
9    intr; foll by: for or up for   to provide an alibi (for)  
10    to have as one's territory  
this salesman covers your area     
11    to travel over  
to cover three miles a day     
12    tr   to have or place in the aim and within the range of (a firearm)  
13    to include or deal with  
his talk covered all aspects of the subject     
14    (of an asset or income) to be sufficient to meet (a liability or expense)  
a    to insure against loss, risk, etc.  
b    to provide for (loss, risk, etc.) by insurance  
16    also intr     (Finance)   to purchase (securities, etc.) in order to meet contracts, esp. short sales  
17    to deposit (an equivalent stake) in a bet or wager  
18    also intr   to play a card higher in rank than (one played beforehand by another player)  
19    to act as reporter or photographer on (a news event, etc.) for a newspaper or magazine  
to cover sports events     
20      (Sport)   to guard or protect (an opponent, team-mate, or area)  
21      (Music)   to record a cover version of  
22    (of a male animal, esp. a horse) to copulate with (a female animal)  
23    (of a bird) to brood (eggs)  
24    anything that covers, spreads over, protects, or conceals  
25    woods or bushes providing shelter or a habitat for wild creatures  
a    a blanket used on a bed for warmth  
b       another word for       bedspread  
27      (Finance)   liquid assets, reserves, or guaranteed income sufficient to discharge a liability, meet an expenditure, etc.  
28    a pretext, disguise, or false identity  
the thief sold brushes as a cover     
29      (Insurance)      another word for       coverage       3  
30    an envelope or package for sending through the post  
under plain cover     
31      (Philately)  
a    an entire envelope that has been postmarked  
b    on cover   (of a postage stamp) kept in this form by collectors  
32    an individual table setting, esp. in a restaurant  
33      (Sport)   the guarding or protection of an opponent, team-mate, or area  
34      (Also called)    cover version   a version by a different artist of a previously recorded musical item  
35      (Cricket)  
a    often pl   the area more or less at right angles to the pitch on the off side and usually about halfway to the boundary  
to field in the covers     
b    (as modifier)  
a cover drive by a batsman     
c      (Also called)    cover point   a fielder in such a position  
36      (Ecology)   the percentage of the ground surface covered by a given species of plant  
37    break cover   (esp. of game animals) to come out from a shelter or hiding place  
38    take cover   to make for a place of safety or shelter  
39    under cover   protected, concealed, or in secret  
under cover of night        (See also)        cover-up  
     (C13: from Old French covrir, from Latin cooperire to cover completely, from operire to cover over)  
  coverable      adj  
  coverer      n  
  coverless      adj  

air cover  
a    the use of aircraft to provide aerial protection for ground forces against enemy air attack  
b    the aircraft used in this,   (Also called)    air support  
cover charge  
      n   a sum of money charged in a restaurant for each individual customer in addition to the cost of food and drink  
cover crop  
      n   a crop planted between main crops to prevent leaching or soil erosion or to provide green manure  
cover girl  
      n   a girl, esp. a glamorous one, whose picture appears on the cover of a newspaper or magazine  
cover glass  
      n   a thin square of mounted glass used to protect a photographic slide  
cover note  
      n     (Brit)   a certificate issued by an insurance company stating that a policy is operative: used as a temporary measure between the commencement of cover and the issue of the policy  
cover point  
      n     (Cricket)  
a    a fielding position in the covers  
b    a fielder in this position  
      n   a type of blouse worn in Ghana  
cover slip  
      n   a very thin piece of glass placed over a specimen on a glass slide that is to be examined under a microscope  
1    concealment or attempted concealment of a mistake, crime, etc.  
  cover up   adv  
2    tr   to cover completely  
3    when intr, often foll by: for   to attempt to conceal (a mistake or crime)  
she tried to cover up for her friend     
4    intr     (Boxing)   to defend the body and head with the arms  
cover version  
      n      another name for       cover       34  
      adj   designating a method of constructing a tunnel by excavating a cutting to the required depth and then backfilling the excavation over the tunnel roof  
dividend cover  
      n   the number of times that a company's dividends to shareholders could be paid out of its annual profits after tax, used as an indication of the probability that dividends will be maintained in subsequent years  
dust cover  
1       another name for       dustsheet  
2       another name for       dust jacket  
3    a perspex cover for the turntable of a record player  
extra cover  
      n     (Cricket)   a fielding position between cover and mid-off  
first-day cover  
      n     (Philately)   a cover, usually an envelope, postmarked on the first day of the issue of its stamps  
ground cover  
a    dense low herbaceous plants and shrubs that grow over the surface of the ground, esp., in a forest, preventing soil erosion or, in a garden, stifling weeds  
b    (as modifier)  
ground-cover plants     
loose cover  
      n   a fitted but easily removable cloth cover for a chair, sofa, etc.,   (U.S. and Canadian name)    slipcover  
      vb   tr  
1    to cover again  
2    to provide (a piece of furniture, book, etc.) with a new cover  
      adj      a less common word for       paperback  

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1    camouflage, cloak, conceal, cover up, curtain, disguise, eclipse, enshroud, hide, hood, house, mask, obscure, screen, secrete, shade, shroud, veil  
2    cloak, cover-up, disguise, façade, front, mask, pretence, screen, smoke screen, veil, window-dressing  
3    defend, guard, protect, reinforce, shelter, shield, watch over  
4    camouflage, concealment, defence, guard, hiding place, protection, refuge, sanctuary, shelter, shield, undergrowth, woods  
5    canopy, clothe, coat, daub, dress, encase, envelop, invest, layer, mantle, overlay, overspread, put on, wrap  
6    awning, binding, canopy, cap, case, clothing, coating, covering, dress, envelope, jacket, lid, sheath, top, wrapper  
7    comprehend, comprise, consider, contain, deal with, embody, embrace, encompass, examine, include, incorporate, involve, provide for, refer to, survey, take account of  
8    double for, fill in for, hold the fort     (informal)   relieve, stand in for, substitute, take over, take the rap for     (slang)  
9    describe, detail, investigate, narrate, recount, relate, report, tell of, write up  
10    balance, compensate, counterbalance, insure, make good, make up for, offset  
11    compensation, indemnity, insurance, payment, protection, reimbursement  
12    cross, pass through or over, range, travel over, traverse  
13    engulf, flood, overrun, submerge, wash over  
,       vb   exclude, exhibit, expose, omit, reveal, show, unclothe, uncover, unmask, unwrap  
      n   base, bottom  

complicity, concealment, conspiracy, front, smoke screen, whitewash     (informal)  
cover up  
1    conceal, cover one's tracks, draw a veil over, feign ignorance, hide, hush up, keep dark, keep secret, keep silent about, keep under one's hat     (informal)   repress, stonewall, suppress, sweep under the carpet, whitewash     (informal)  
2    Artex     (Trademark)   coat, cover, encrust, envelop, hide, plaster, slather     (U.S. slang)   swathe  

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young woman who adopts a unconventional behavior and look
term largely used in the 20's to describe women who acted contrary to what was commonly expected by going out, drinking, smoking, dancing, wearing make-up etc.
spelling for "girl" used by Katie Perry
to cover with a thin layer of paint applied with a dry brush in order to soften or blur a figure or outline
an art term
to depend on something or on someone to cover the basic expenses
E.g.: He lived off the money he inherited from his father while he had been working as a volunteer.
underaged girl looking mature, that can thus bring somebody to jail if he is caught in a relationship with her
made with Jail and Bait
l'habit ne fait pas le moine
informal name given to footwear items like socks, home foot covers or plastic foot covers used for hygienical reasons
a woman, generally in her twenties, who shows she is having a good time with her friends by shooting "WOO" ("HOO") usually in unison with other woo girls
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