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1    all the parts of something considered together and in relation to the whole  
2    a person's complete costume; outfit  
a    the cast of a play other than the principals; supporting players  
b    (as modifier)  
an ensemble role     
4      (Music)  
a    a group of soloists singing or playing together  
b    (as modifier)  
an ensemble passage     
5      (Music)   the degree of precision and unity exhibited by a group of instrumentalists or singers performing together  
the ensemble of the strings is good     
6    the general or total effect of something made up of individual parts  
7      (Physics)  
a    a set of systems (such as a set of collections of atoms) that are identical in all respects apart from the motions of their constituents  
b    a single system (such as a collection of atoms) in which the properties are determined by the statistical behaviour of its constituents  
8    all together or at once  
     (C15: from French: together, from Latin insimul, from in-2 + simul at the same time)  

tout ensemble     (French)  
1    everything considered; all in all  
2    the total impression or effect  
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1    aggregate, assemblage, collection, entirety, set, sum, total, totality, whole, whole thing  
2    costume, get-up     (informal)   outfit, suit  
3    band, cast, chorus, company, group, supporting cast, troupe  
4    all at once, all together, as a group, as a whole, at once, at the same time, en masse, in concert  

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cruche et pierre ne peuvent aller ensemble
culture générale le fort et le faible ne font pas bon ménage
fiançailles vont ensemble et reprentailles en croupe
deux chats dans un même sac ne peuvent vivre ensemble
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