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1    all the parts of something considered together and in relation to the whole  
2    a person's complete costume; outfit  
a    the cast of a play other than the principals; supporting players  
b    (as modifier)  
an ensemble role     
4      (Music)  
a    a group of soloists singing or playing together  
b    (as modifier)  
an ensemble passage     
5      (Music)   the degree of precision and unity exhibited by a group of instrumentalists or singers performing together  
the ensemble of the strings is good     
6    the general or total effect of something made up of individual parts  
7      (Physics)  
a    a set of systems (such as a set of collections of atoms) that are identical in all respects apart from the motions of their constituents  
b    a single system (such as a collection of atoms) in which the properties are determined by the statistical behaviour of its constituents  
8    all together or at once  
     (C15: from French: together, from Latin insimul, from in-2 + simul at the same time)  

tout ensemble     (French)  
1    everything considered; all in all  
2    the total impression or effect  
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1    aggregate, assemblage, collection, entirety, set, sum, total, totality, whole, whole thing  
2    costume, get-up     (informal)   outfit, suit  
3    band, cast, chorus, company, group, supporting cast, troupe  
4    all at once, all together, as a group, as a whole, at once, at the same time, en masse, in concert  

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