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a    a small number of; hardly any  
few men are so cruel     
b    (as pronoun; functioning as pl)  
many are called but few are chosen     
2    preceded by: a  
a    a small number of  
a few drinks     
b    (as pronoun; functioning as pl)  
a few of you     
3    a good few  
Informal   several  
a    at great intervals; widely spaced  
b    not abundant; scarce  
5    have a few (too many)   to consume several (or too many) alcoholic drinks  
6    not or quite a few  
Informal   several  
7    the few   a small number of people considered as a class  
the few who fell at Thermopylae         Compare       many       4  
     (Old English feawa; related to Old High German fao little, Old Norse far little, silent)  
  fewness      n  
See at less  
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1    hardly any, inconsiderable, infrequent, insufficient, meagre, negligible, not many, rare, scant, scanty, scarce, scarcely any, scattered, sparse, sporadic, thin  
2    few and far between      at great intervals, hard to come by, infrequent, in short supply, irregular, rare, scarce, scattered, seldom met with, thin on the ground, uncommon, unusual, widely spaced  
3    handful, scarcely any, scattering, small number, some  
,       adj  
1 & 2    abundant, bounteous, divers     (archaic)   inexhaustible, manifold, many, multifarious, plentiful, sundry  

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! many speak, few do n.
beaucoup parlent, peu font

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à grands seigneurs, peu de paroles
à la Sainte_Barbe, le soleil peu arde
beaucoup savent parler, mais bien peu savent faire
fille qui trop se mire, peu file
ce sont ceux qui ont peu de larmes qui pleurent vite le défunt
very little; very few; said to indicate that something is in a low amount/quantity or insignificant
E.g. You weigh like nothing; It costs like nothing; It is a big deal, but you make it look like nothing.
someone who spends very few time with his wife/ her husband because of the partner's preoccupation with physical exercise
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